A student may establish his own business

Service Business

Nowadays, it might seem that young people are becoming more and more enterprising. Graduates of universities decide to open their own business, instead of working for someone else's account, usually for the lowest national salary. However, the basic question arises: can a student also set up his own business? Is the person who continues their education able to bear this burden of responsibility with the experience they have? The Academic Entrepreneurship Incubators - institutions supporting entrepreneurship of young people - come with help.

Academic Business Incubators

Incubators supporting academic entrepreneurship are created in the vicinity of universities, and their purpose is to offer support mainly when setting up your own business. The initiative is supervised by the European Regional Development Fund.

Thanks to the establishment of AIP, young people, mainly students, have the opportunity to implement their business idea without the need to look for capital to make investments.It is enough to submit an application in one of the regional incubators, and if the idea seems interesting and promising future profits, cooperation is established by signing a contract. Then the student may take up activities related to the conducted activity, and all formalities are dealt with by persons from the incubator. In other words - a young entrepreneur uses the legal personality of an incubator, which, inter alia, invoices him, signs contracts and creates marketing strategies to promote a new company. Responsible management of incubators also looks for new business partners and helps in obtaining additional funds for the development of the company.

It is also worth knowing that a student running a business as part of business incubators does not have to submit an application to the city office for setting up a company, and also apply as a payer of social security contributions. In such a situation, the young person is exempt from the obligation to be subject to social and health insurance, and access to health services is ensured by insurance from studies. Therefore, it is enough to submit an application to the Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator.

Student company without an incubator

Of course, students are free to choose who to entrust to start and run their own business. Therefore, instead of using business incubators, a young person can immediately set up a company in his name. However, the same formalities are associated with the same, because in this case the CEIDG-1 application should be submitted to the city office and the application for ZUS insurance should be made. Unfortunately, the student is obliged to pay social and health contributions for business activities in the same way as other entrepreneurs. It will only be possible to take advantage of the two-year preference for new companies.