Remember to fill in position 63 in VAT-7


Taxpayers submitting VAT-7 tax information must pay special attention to item 63 in part G. It concerns the notification about the correction of the tax base and the amount of tax due - VAT-ZD form.

The entrepreneur makes corrections when they use the so-called bad debt relief - here the necessity to fill in item 63 (and thus write the word “Yes”) is beyond doubt.

What if the person conducting business in the period to which VAT-7 applies, did not use the said relief and does not enclose the VAT-ZD form? First of all, position 63 cannot be ignored! In such a situation, the entrepreneur is obliged to enter the word "No". Such an action results directly from the explanation of the VAT declaration, in which we will not find information that filling in this field applies only to specific persons.

Therefore, to sum up, a taxpayer submitting VAT-7 must each time complete item 63 in part G. In a situation where he takes advantage of the bad debt relief, he enters “Yes”, and when he does not use this relief - “No”.