Co-financing from the employer for glasses for the employee


Currently, a large proportion of white-collar workers perform their duties in front of a computer monitor. The machine is faster, more comfortable and easier to work with, but it also has a fundamental disadvantage - it negatively affects your eyesight. Therefore, in most cases, when work is performed in front of a computer, the glasses for the employee can be financed by the employer. Find out what conditions must be met.

Glasses for the employee - rules

The basic condition that entitles an employee to apply for a subsidy for glasses is the aforementioned work in front of the monitor. Its time has been specified in detail - in this case it should be at least 4 hours during the working day. However, if an employee spends his working day only partially in front of a monitor screen, it will not always be necessary to subsidize the purchase of glasses.

The necessity to wear corrective glasses should be additionally documented with a medical statement. A doctor may issue such a document as part of preventive employee examinations - preliminary, periodic or follow-up. Importantly, it is not important whether the glasses for the employee will be used only for working in front of the monitor, or he should wear them every day. An employee who experiences a deterioration in vision in the period between the examinations may ask the employer for a referral for additional examinations. The certificate obtained from such inspection also entitles the employee to subsidize the purchase of glasses for the employee.

Glasses for the employee - for how much?

The amount that the entrepreneur should spend on glasses for the employee is not specified in the regulations. Most often, its amount is determined on the basis of internal regulations and company regulations and the cost of standard lenses and frames.

If the employee is not satisfied with the basic version of the glasses, there are two options.The entrepreneur can subsidize the purchase of glasses of a higher standard, but it depends only on his good will. An alternative is to buy more expensive glasses, the value of which will be financed in part by the entrepreneur, and in part - by the employee himself.

When it comes to contact lenses for an employee, they are exactly like the more expensive version of glasses. The regulations do not require the employer to subsidize the contact lenses, but he can support the employee in this way of his own free will.

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