How to evaluate a fixed asset without a purchase document?


The valuation of a fixed asset is to determine its value, which will be entered into the fixed assets register and from which depreciation will be made. It is not always possible to determine it on the basis of the purchase document - there are situations when we do not have one. Then what? How to evaluate a fixed asset? We explain.

Create a fixed asset on your own

In a situation where we have produced a given asset, we (as a matter of fact) do not have any proof of its purchase. In such a case, the initial value is determined on the basis of the cost of production, i.e. the value (at the purchase price) of tangible assets used in the production of tangible assets, external services used, costs of remuneration for work and other costs.

Importantly, manufacturing costs cannot include the value of own labor, the work of a spouse or minor children, overheads, sales and other operating costs or financial operations.

How to price a fixed asset aboutkept as a donation or inheritance

If a given fixed asset is a donation or an inheritance, then it is also difficult to obtain a purchase document. In such a situation, the initial value should be the market value of the object on the day of purchase or the amount resulting from the free transfer agreement.

Contribution of private property to the company

In a situation where we decide that we will use private equipment in our business, for which we do not have a proof of purchase, then we do not lose the possibility of including a given asset in the company's fixed assets.

In this case, the regulations allow for the introduction of the fixed asset in the value based on the valuation made by the entrepreneur himself. This valuation should be made on the basis of the market prices of fixed assets of the same type in December of the year preceding the year in which the records were established or the inventory was prepared, as well as the condition and degree of wear of a given asset.

However, if it is very difficult for us to determine the value of a fixed asset, then it is possible to ask for help from an independent expert - a property appraiser.


The transfer of a private asset to fixed assets requires the preparation of an appropriate document. It should contain data confirming the fact that such an operation has been performed and specify:

  • the date it was made,
  • type of fixed asset transferred,
  • data necessary to enter the fixed asset into the records and to correctly determine the depreciation.