Do you know who the trendsetter is?

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Have you come across the term trendsetter and wondered who it could be? Although the trendsetter breaks away from the rigid definition, it should be simply said that it is a living advertisement. In this text, we will tell you who the trendsetter is and what his job is. We will also give you an answer on how a trendsetter differs from an influencer and a coolhunter.

Trendsetter - anyone can become one!

An English trendsetter is simply one who sets trends, a precursor. This is also how the role of a trendsetter is understood - as one who creates trends, influences other people's purchasing decisions and their customer behavior. In fact, everyone can become a trendsetter, because each of us talks to others about specific brands or products, recommends or advises against buying them, and shares opinions. However, when we think about a trendsetter, we often think of a certain image in our mind. We often think that the trendsetters are celebrities, possibly bloggers or vloggers. Yes, they are, but not only them. Who else? We may be surprised!

Trendsetter stereotype

Contrary to popular opinion, the trendsetter is not only a young man, well-liked, fashionably dressed, using fashionable and expensive electronic gadgets, having a wide circle of friends in which his opinion is important. The recommendation marketing agency BzzAgent has conducted research that clearly shows that the trendsetters are primarily women. They are often mothers of one or two children. In addition, BzzAgent research confirms that anyone can actually be a trendsetter. The influential people included representatives of various age and professional groups.

The power of recommendation marketing

Many companies have understood that starting cooperation with trendsetters can turn out to be a bull's eye. When they have a significant impact on their surroundings, on others, they will become an effective promotion link. This is called recommendation marketing. Brand ambassadors are looking for trendsetters who receive a specific product. Their task is to get to know it, use it and create an opinion about it, which they will share with their loved ones. What is the main driving force behind referral marketing? Naturalness and honesty. It focuses on what is really important to the consumer. In addition, people are more likely to trust someone they know's opinion than an advertising message.

Recommendation marketing is also used to build brand awareness. The trendsetter introduces interest in the brand in a wider and wider range of consumers.

The naturalness of recommendation marketing

Why does recommendation marketing have its main features, which are naturalness and honesty of opinions? The point that trendsetters shouldn't be paid by companies. This is what Michał Żołądkowski from the General Trends agency claims. Recommendation marketing campaigns should not be paid for if brands want an honest opinion about their products - both positive and negative ones will appear then. Often, for consumers, one small drawback that gives it some kind of authenticity seems to be more important than praising praises about a specific product. A trendsetter should convey the opinion of "what the product is" and not "how the brand wants to present this product".

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Who is not a trendsetter?

A trendsetter certainly cannot be a person who promotes a product in an intrusive and striking manner with adequate remuneration from a given brand, although sometimes she may not even come across it. Such practices are considered unethical. Such a beater is not intended to express the actual opinion about the product, but only the one imposed on it by the brand-manufacturer.

Influencer and coolhunter

Soon after the appearance of the term "trendsetter" in Poland, two others, closely related to it, appeared. Influencer (from English to influence) is an opinion leader operating primarily in the field of social media. It can be said that it is a strictly network version of the traditionally understood trendsetter. An influencer can be, for example, an influential blogger or an admin of a well-known fan page. Coolhunter is a person who deals with attracting trendsetters and influencers for the recommendation marketing activities of a specific brand. Coolhunter, however, is also a kind of spy who, for the company's needs, tracks the opinions of users of a given product among specific groups and shares its observations with it.