Principles of graduate practice

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Since 2009, entrepreneurs and young people intending to develop their professional careers can cooperate with each other on the basis of a graduate internship. This solution was introduced thanks to the entry into force of the Act of 17.07.2009 on graduate internships. The opportunity to undergo such internships gives you the opportunity to develop skills and gain experience - so valuable in today's labor market.

Graduate internship - for whom?

The graduate apprenticeship may be used by people who have at least lower secondary education, but were under 30 on the day of its commencement. The hosts for the internship are natural persons, legal persons and institutions without legal personality.

Basic rules of graduate apprenticeship

In order to start practical classes in a given enterprise, it is necessary to draw up an agreement on graduate internships between the apprentice and the host entity. It is also important that it includes basic elements detailing:

  • the type of work in which the apprentice will gain professional experience,
  • the duration of the internship, but not longer than 3 months,
  • the exact weekly working time within the internship,
  • value of the benefit, if the contract is payable.



Graduate internships can be carried out for a fee or free of charge, depending on the provisions of the concluded contract. However, the value of the cash benefit provided may not be more than twice the minimum wage.

If the contract was concluded free of charge, then it may be terminated in writing at any time without giving reasons - by either party. However, if it is payable, it must be terminated in writing, subject to a seven-day notice period.


Importantly, the entity accepting the graduate for internships should provide him with safe and hygienic conditions for their internship, and depending on the type of services and risks associated with the internship - appropriate personal protective equipment.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Act, an apprentice has the right to obtain a certificate of the type of work performed and the acquired skills. The entrepreneur, on the other hand, at the graduate's request is obliged to issue such a document in writing.

Graduate internship and the status of the unemployed

A special advantage of the graduate internship is the possibility of continuing to have the status of an unemployed person. However, the unemployed person must present the relevant poviat labor office with a written agreement on graduate apprenticeship with a given entrepreneur.

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In such a case, the apprenticeship by the unemployed person is a justified reason for not fulfilling the obligation to report within the time limit set by the employment office to accept a suitable job offer or other form of assistance. However, it is worth remembering that the right to unemployment benefit is not due when the unemployed person receives a cash benefit for the internship, the amount of which exceeds half of the minimum remuneration for work.

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