How to make money on YouTube?

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YouTube is the most popular video content site in the world. It contains a huge database of videos that are streamed to users in real time. The site's resources include clips on almost every topic - movie trailers, amateur recordings, hobby projects, as well as videoblogs. Every user will find something for themselves, although it is often necessary to spend some time in the flood of recordings to find valuable content. As it turns out, YouTube can play more than just an entertainment role. For some time now, Google's policy has made it possible to earn money through the website - it is worth adding that it is not small sums. However, it is not an easy task. If you feel like you can show the world some interesting videos, it might be worth a try. Consistency in pursuing the goal and regular publication of materials can contribute to earning a lot of money.

Earning money on YouTube and positioning

While in the United States, record holders earn even over USD 300,000, in Poland this subject is still relatively recent. This is due to the fact that only recently Google, the owner of YouTube, has made it possible to earn money for publishing video content in our country. Posting a single video online, which - no matter what the cost - suddenly turns out to be popular, will not add six-digit sums to your account. As in the case of positioning, it is a long process - after all, both of these aspects are controlled by Google.

You must first build your own brand from scratch, make yourself known through unique materials and, most importantly, be honest in your actions and do it with passion. Focusing solely on making quick profits can be counterproductive, and as a result, after a few tries, we will get bored, leaving an unfinished (potentially good) project in the depths of the web. It is important to add material regularly, as not only will we attract new viewers, but also our activity will be appreciated by indexing robots. It should be emphasized that the YouTube search engine is also a key element - after Google, it ranks second in the world in the popularity ranking, and in the following years it even has a chance to take over the leader. This is due to the fact that Internet users are more and more comfortable and prefer to watch movies or photos instead of reading.

Think about what you are best at

Examples of the most popular channels on YouTube show that what matters most is passion and commitment. The most frequently viewed profiles represent valuable hobby materials, which over time turn into a way of life. A good example is the website - a young couple combined a passion for cooking with photography and filming. As a result, they decided to create a culinary video blog, which is already visited by nearly a million unique users each month. Currently, Paulina and Michał Stępień earn thanks to their recipes for living, and all because they put a passion for cooking and filming into their work. And yet this subject, like many others that have gained popularity (including fashion), is not the most original - all you need is an appropriate idea for yourself and commitment, and the result may come faster than you could expect.

Take care of the form of a video blog

It should be remembered that the mere recording of the material is not even half the battle. Professional installation, good sound or - depending on the subject - properly selected sound system are of great importance. One cannot forget about the quality which should offer at least HD resolution in the age of today's technology development. Initially, our materials will reach a small group of recipients. Therefore, it is worth considering carefully the title of the video in terms of the search engine, and also promote your publications on external websites or as a response to videos from a similar industry. Avoid spam, because even if our work is valuable, the first impression may discourage you from further exploring the site.

YouTube should be treated as a social network, so two-way communication is important here. All kinds of activity in the comments, immediate response to inquiries from interested viewers testify to the author and give grounds for more frequent visits by users. Therefore, you should not only take care of the quality of the recorded clips, but also regularly build your image. Let's also get to know each other from the private side, thanks to which our profile will inspire trust among Internet users.

How to make money on YouTube?

To earn real money through the YouTube channel, a large number of views of our videos are not enough. You must first join the YouTube Partner Program, which will generate an appropriate amount for the ability to display ads.The conditions are set individually and there is really no rule of thumb here. If we notice that our films are popular with at least a dozen or so thousand users, it is worth joining the Affiliate Program. In some cases, it also happens that Google representatives - due to high interest - propose cooperation. Of course, you should meet such conditions as the aforementioned regularity, originality of recordings, as well as great interest in the form of views or subscribing to our channel. If we do not meet the required assumptions or have ceased to actively participate in the development of the videoblog, we may be removed from the Program overnight. Importantly, as in the case of the Panda and Penguin algorithms for the Google search engine, there is no iron rule here that determines the start of cooperation - it is worth trying and, as already mentioned, treating your work as a passion, not a quick income.

How much can you earn on YouTube?

This topic often returns in the media, although the issue of earnings remains a mystery to this day. Both Google and the most popular videobloggers, including Polish ones, do not want to share it. The mere fact of resigning from a full-time job or the possibility of allowing yourself a few-week vacation - as the hosts revealed - may indicate a pretty good (taking into account our country) earnings.

There are several types of advertising that may be displayed after joining the Affiliate Program. The more aggressive, the more you can earn, but the details in this case were not disclosed either. Currently, Google allows the use of three types of advertising in our country:

  • Pre-roll - these are advertising spots lasting several seconds, which are displayed before starting the video material on the player - they cannot be turned off, although there are also shorter versions with the option to turn off after 5 seconds,
  • Visual advertisements, usually placed in the upper right corner of the screen,
  • Ads placed on the bottom bar of the video that can be turned off - they look like Google ads,
  • In addition, you can earn money by consenting to the publication of advertisements at any time during the video, although it is a less frequently used way of earning - due to the lower favor of the recipients.

Once again, it should be emphasized that specific earnings depend on factors such as the number of views of the channel, subscriptions, viewer activity, frequency of adding or the quality of shared videos. The popularity of 23-year-old Shane Dawson is an example of motivating people to create a valuable video blog: he became famous for running a YouTube channel where he presented his own skits. As a result, in just one year (from July 2009 to July 2010) his films were watched by over 432 million Internet users, while the young American earned $ 315,000 in that period. Its popularity has not faded to this day, as evidenced by the doubling of profits at the end of last year. Therefore, earning via YouTube is not the easiest way to live. It requires a lot of work, free time and patience. If you feel that it is your materials that stand out from the flood of other productions on the Internet, then perhaps it is worth trying to show yourself to the Internet society - it is currently the largest source for acquiring new customers, and therefore - effective earnings, preceded by effort and commitment.