What nutritional value does herring provide?

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Rollmops, dumplings, smoked, fried, in oil, in brine, sweet, sour, in cream, with onion, with honey, in salad ... Herring can be prepared in many ways. This fish often reigns on our table during holidays and some people eat it with appetite, while others look at it with disgust. Herring must be admitted one thing - their taste is certainly specific and some people love it, while others avoid it. However, it is worth smuggling them into your diet, because they have many health properties and their price is really small compared to other fish.


In Sweden, pickled herring is popular and eagerly eaten. As you can imagine, fermented herring in brine does not smell good, which is why many people find it unacceptable. The Swedish delicacy can be found under the name of surströmming.

Are herring healthy?

Regardless of whether we like them or not, herring is healthy. Eating them can have a very good effect on our well-being and even appearance. Therefore, supplementing your diet with this fish will be a good step for anyone who values ​​healthy eating. If we are not convinced of the specific taste - let's wash it, for example in a salad, where it can be practically imperceptible.

Salad with herring

The tasty herring and pineapple salad is easy to prepare. We will need leek, corn, pineapple and of course herring. The ingredients should be cut as desired (e.g. into strips), put into a bowl, seasoned with salt and pepper, and finally add natural yoghurt with a little mayonnaise. After a few hours in the refrigerator, the salad is ready to eat.

What does the herring have inside?

Herring is a source of many vitamins (B12, A, D, E), iron, iodine and zinc. In addition, it contains omega-3 fatty acids. They help to prevent blood clots and cancer. They improve memory, accelerate blood circulation, reduce fatigue and depressive mood, and additionally improve the condition of the skin, as it prevents its excessive drying.

These fish help regulate hypertension, they also take care of our cholesterol (they increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol), and thanks to them we have fewer fat cells. It is also worth adding that herring is a fish whose contamination with heavy metals is low compared to, for example, tuna.

As a result, herring will be the perfect food for people who are losing weight. While it is a fatty fish, it doesn't really have many calories, and thanks to its consumption, your metabolism is faster, as is the process of burning fat.

Herrings - how to prepare them so that they are the healthiest?

Salted herring is most often available in stores. To reduce the amount of unhealthy salt, it is worth soaking them in water for a long time. The best option is to bake and cook such a fish, but it is worth just eating it in the form that we like best. There are so many options that everyone will find the right one for themselves.