Is it possible to avoid a cash register and non-account sales records?


Currently, I am exempt from the cash register and I keep records of non-account sales (I provide services mainly to natural persons who do not conduct business activity). Due to the fact that I receive almost all payments from contractors by bank transfer, my question is as follows: from the next billing month, can I opt out of the record of non-accountable revenues or limit it only to the few cases where I receive the payment in cash?

Krystian, Zielona Góra

When selling goods online, where you receive payments by bank transfer, and from the records and evidence documenting the payment, it is clear which specific activity was related to and for whom (the buyer's data, including its address) - in principle, you can use both exemptions from the cash register and recognition of sales in the register of non-accountable revenues (only other stationary sales must be included in the records). In the case of bank transfer payments, the accounting document is a bank statement.

You can take advantage of the cash dispensation if you do not sell stationary, i.e. if you do not have cash payments from private persons. If the total turnover for private persons who do not conduct business activity exceeds the amount of PLN 20,000, even one payment received in cash will oblige you to install a cash register. After exceeding the limit of PLN 20,000, each cash transaction should be recognized at the cash desk, and the service provision transactions fully paid for by bank transfer will be able to continue to benefit from the exemption from the cash register.