Can you spend an interesting holiday in Poland?

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Probably each of us knows the proverb: "You praise others, you do not know yours." It is a perfect reference to holidays in Poland. Many people only consider a holiday that is spent abroad as real. However, it is worth being aware of how diverse our country is and how many interesting places you can see there. Is it possible to spend an interesting holiday in Poland? Of course!

Holidays in Poland - diversity and peace

Poland is extremely diverse, therefore almost everyone will find something in it that will delight them. After all, we can lie on the beach, swim in the sea, hike in the mountains, visit big cities and small towns, sail on lakes, walk in forests, learn about history and admire the present day.

In addition, all barriers that appear before leaving abroad melt during holidays in Poland. It will be much easier for us to travel with a child in Poland. We can go really close and not tire our children with long trips in means of transport. Besides, we are not obliged to take out insurance necessary abroad, there is no language barrier that can make us feel awkward and less comfortable, and we often do not have any limitations related to the size of our luggage. Such factors definitely make us more relaxed and calmer.

Surprising holidays in Poland

Can Poland surprise us? The answer is absolutely affirmative. There are certainly many very interesting, beautiful places on the map that we had no idea about. Their definite plus may be the fact that they are not so crowded with tourists. So if we do not like crowds, it is really worth going to less known places. One of the examples is certainly the town of Byczyna, located in the province. Opole. It collapsed there in the second half of the Sixteenth century known battle in which Archduke Maximilian Habsburg was defeated by the troops of Jan Zamoyski. The town has retained its old-time atmosphere, as evidenced by the so far preserved defensive walls that surround almost the entire area.

An interesting place for holidays in Poland is also Bardo. The town has a really wonderful panorama that can be admired from the viewpoints. However, that's not all, as canoeing trips are organized there. Due to the gentleness of the river, both adults and children can take part in them. It is great fun for the whole family. The kayaking trip can be ended with a bonfire or barbecue, which definitely increases the holiday atmosphere.

A typical holiday in Poland?

If we want to go to places known to everyone and see if they are really so interesting and charming, the list of places worth seeing is huge. Lovers of sunbathing and relaxing on the beach will surely feel good at the Polish seaside. Although there is a belief that such holidays in Poland are more expensive than trips abroad, in fact, to reduce costs, it is enough to plan everything in advance. When the weather is bad, we will not be disappointed by seaside towns where we will eat something delicious, dance or play various games.

Other typical excursion destinations are of course the mountains. Wandering along Polish routes and the landscapes we can see make people come back to such places. If the mountains and the sea do not suit us, we can sail in Masuria, because the conditions are just perfect for that. When, however, we are drawn to a city bustling with life, we must visit Wrocław or Warsaw and spend an unforgettable time there, not only visiting, but also having a great time.

These places are just a substitute for what we can see and do during our holidays in Poland. It is certainly impossible to get bored here. The aforementioned diversity allows everyone to find something perfect for themselves and makes the holiday amazing. It is worth getting to know our country because it has a lot to offer.