Ice cream - why is it worth including it in our diet?

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Almost everyone loves ice cream - especially in summer, when temperatures are high, it seems to be the best way to cool it down. They have millions of flavors, they are delicious and everyone will surely find the one they like. No one is surprised anymore that apart from traditional cream or chocolate ice cream, we can find beetroot, cheese or beer ice cream. This dessert has a long history and does not seem to be losing popularity. Is ice cream healthy? We checked!

The history of ice cream

Initially, ice cream was available only to the richer part of the society. It was not until the end of the 17th century that Procopio Cuto opened the first public ice cream parlor in Paris and spread the dessert. In 1860, the first waffle iron was created in Italy, and in 1945 the brothers Poerio and Bruto Carpigiani invented and popularized an ice cream machine.

In Italy, the country where the production of ice cream as we know it, has developed, there is even an Ice Cream Museum located near Bologna. This is surely a real treat for all dessert lovers.

Family or impulse ice cream?

We can meet the division into impulse ice cream, gastronomic and family ice cream. What does that actually mean? The first type is all ice cream that we buy often on impulse and eat right away (ready-made cones, ice cream on a stick, etc.). Family ice cream, in turn, is one whose portion is much larger, most often in a large box (e.g. rolls or ice cream cakes). Catering ice cream is sold, for example, in cafes, often in a cup with many toppings.

Are sorbet ice cream healthier?

Sorbet, i.e. fruit ice cream, have fewer calories than cream ice cream (100 grams of sorbet equals approx.50 kcal, while 100 grams of cream ice cream is about 150 kcal), but they contain much more flavor and color enhancers, so it is difficult to say that they are healthier.

However, we can easily make sorbets ourselves, and then we will be sure that they are not only delicious, but also healthy. There are several ways, you can, for example, freeze freshly squeezed juice or blend your favorite fruit to a smooth mass and freeze. You can also freeze the fruit before blending (a banana is perfect for this) and eat it immediately after removing it from the blender.

Does ice cream make you fat?

As mentioned above, sorbets are low in calories, so even people on a diet can afford them (if they can eat fruit). Other types of ice cream are also less caloric than other types of desserts, so it can be said that they do not have a large impact on our weight.

Remember, however, that we are often tempted by ice cream with additives - chocolate glaze, candy sprinkles, whipped cream or dried fruit and nuts. Is ice cream healthy in this combination? Then the calorific value increases and although such a set is certainly delicious, it is better to give it up. Ice cream without additives is just as delicious and healthier at the same time.

Ice Cream Cause A Sore Throat?

There is a belief that eating cold ice cream on a hot day will have a sore throat. It is worth knowing, however, that although in certain situations ice cream can actually contribute to its creation, it is actually an ideal solution when our throat hurts, especially when, for example, we have angina.

Ice cream lowers the temperature in the throat, thus microbes develop more slowly, the swelling becomes smaller and the mucosa regenerates faster. That's why ice cream is a good way to relieve a sore throat. However, it is worth being aware that this is only a soothing agent, it will not cure e.g. angina and in each case of such ailments, you should see a doctor.

Remember, however, that on hot days our body is warmed up, thus eating ice cream too quickly may even cause a thermal shock. Let's eat them slowly!

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Milk ice cream good for bones?

Ice cream made with milk and dairy products contains calcium. It not only has a positive effect on bones, but also increases the production of the enzyme responsible for fat burning. Thus, ice cream can help you lose weight!

Ice cream to cheer you up?

Ice cream can also be successfully eaten when we are not in good mood. First of all, their taste will certainly make us feel better immediately, and besides, the ice cream evokes almost only positive associations: with summer, childhood, cooling, refreshment, vacation ... Therefore, when we feel mentally ill, reaching for ice cream will be a good idea.

Is ice cream healthy?

Certainly, ice cream has many positive properties that make it a healthy and valuable dessert. In addition, they are low in calories and will not hinder our diet, especially when we make them ourselves from fruit. In addition, they will cool down, refresh and improve our well-being.

So you can definitely eat ice cream cheers! Enjoy your meal!