Integration of employees during sports events

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Companies have been interested in the health and physical condition of their employees for some time. Entrepreneurs know that a well-rested and motivated person is more productive. Employees who enjoy well-being are less likely to get sick, so they do not charge their employers for medical treatment. Investments in sports have become very popular in companies. Can you find any other benefits of being physically active? Is it possible to integrate employees thanks to the organized sports events? What influence can sports competition have on the working atmosphere?

Who organizes sports events for employees?

Investments in sport are made mainly by foreign corporations that have established their branches or service centers in Poland. Fashion for physical activity comes to us from beyond the western border. International organizations attract young people who, by engaging in work and thinking about a quick promotion, often do not have the time or the will to move and sport. Employers are encouraging employees to take up more physical activity through free Multisport cards, sponsorship of charity tournaments or organizing team competitions.

What is the purpose of investing in sports? Research conducted by Xerox shows that the organization of sports events and the creation of employee activation programs affects the attractiveness of the employer, but also prevents a high turnover rate, which reduces the costs of recruitment and selection. 78% of the surveyed entrepreneurs said that promoting a healthy lifestyle has become a priority for them.

Sports events and employee integration

On the one hand, the organization of sports events is to influence the reputation of a given entrepreneur as an entity that cares about the health and physical condition of its employees. On the other hand, employers are convinced that introducing sports competition into the life of the company stimulates the employed people, integrating them and creating more effective employee teams.

Enterprises that regularly organize sports events are convinced that thanks to such an initiative employees integrate and learn the principles of effective interpersonal communication through cooperation in team games. People with common interests automatically develop closer relationships and it is easier for them to come to an agreement. HR specialists agree that employees who take part in the company's sports tournaments are better organized and show greater energy and enthusiasm for work.

Some employers focus on competition between the departments of the company. Thanks to this, e.g. marketers or people employed in the logistics department get to know each other better and observe who can find themselves and react appropriately in a stressful situation. The experience gained during a sports event can be translated into organizational ground. When an unexpected crisis occurs in the company, employees will know who is able to cope with emerging difficulties and who should be removed from the current problems.

Joint trainings, which are often organized before the upcoming sports event, also integrate employees. Mutually employed people motivate themselves to work more efficiently and accurately. Sport brings people together and makes long-term friendships possible, which influences the atmosphere and the atmosphere at work.

Sports events and conflicts at work

It may also happen that the joint sports activity of employees will have a negative impact on the working climate. This happens most often when there are people in the team who are unable to separate personal matters from professional matters. An argument that has taken place on a sports field can affect your professional relationship.

Sports rivalry between the various departments can also be dangerous. If marketers win the tennis tournament for the fifth time in a row, people in the logistics department may react emotionally to it, making it difficult for marketing employees to fulfill their professional duties. For this reason, it is better to create mixed teams composed of employees holding positions in different departments.

Organize sports events for employees!

Sport and physical activity are needed by man. Consequently, as an employer, you should ensure that your employees are moving. Organize sports events or join a nationwide or local sports initiative. Encourage employees to train together. Observe whether employees are being integrated across departments and react if the working climate is tarnished by arguments triggered on the sports field.