Cinnamon in dishes - why is it worth using?

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Winter is a time that many of us associate with the aroma of spices. Cookies, cakes, all kinds of drinks, mulled wine… Cinnamon is their almost inseparable ingredient. It adds a specific flavor to dishes. It appears not only in apple pie, it can also be an addition to sweet dinners, porridge, yeast rolls or warming teas. However, does it have any effect on our body and, above all, is it healthy?


How is cinnamon obtained? It is simply the dried bark of the cinnamon tree. Although in fact it has as many as 250 species, cassia and Ceylon cinnamon are most often used as spices.

Cinnamon has been known for centuries, so it is safe to say that it is one of the most popular and oldest spices.

Cinnamon is not only about flavor

Although we use cinnamon primarily because of its taste, it is worth knowing how it has a beneficial effect on our body. First, research shows that as little as 6 grams of cinnamon added to a meal can reduce blood sugar levels. This is good news for people who have it quite high. In this case, it is worth adding cinnamon, for example to breakfast or hot drinks. Besides, cinnamon will reduce your craving for sweet snacks!


Some time ago, the internet had a cinnamon challenge. Bloggers, vloggers and many others have tried to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon without washing it down with water. It is worth emphasizing that it is virtually impossible because the spice is very dry! Better to give up such attempts. The challenge is really dangerous and can make a person who tries to swallow the spice choke.

Cinnamon will also help when something harms us, because the spice has anti-diarrheal properties. In addition, it makes us digest better and helps in the fight against acidity. It has a beneficial effect on our stomach.

The spice not only helps reduce blood sugar levels. It's the same with bad cholesterol. It can also be seen in anti-cellulite creams because it helps cleanse the body of toxins. This makes it a good choice for people who want to lose weight.

Cinnamon will also help in situations where we need to concentrate. It facilitates remembering and makes us focus more on a given activity.

The spice can be helpful for women for whom PMS is a difficult time. It will not only reduce the craving for sweets, but also improve your mood.

Cinnamon - application

Cinnamon has a wide range of uses. As we have already mentioned, it can be added to many dishes and drinks, it is also an ingredient of cosmetics.

Do you love loose coffee? Add some cinnamon to it! It will help stick the coffee grounds together so you won't accidentally swallow them, which is certainly not pleasant.

A sweet and tasty snack will be helpful in the fight against inflammation of the respiratory tract, flatulence, fatigue or hypertension. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to a teaspoon of honey and mix thoroughly. It is worth adding that such a mixture is also perfect as a face mask for skin infections or acne.

Cinnamon - when to quit?

You must give up cinnamon if you have ulcers or duodenal problems. Spice in excessive amounts is also not recommended for pregnant women - cinnamon can speed up labor.

It is worth adding cinnamon to your dishes. Remember that it is not only about taste, but also about health properties! The spice is extremely useful for the skin, well-being and the entire body.

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