Context marketing - adjust your content to the situation

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You are probably familiar with the term content marketing - for several years now, you have heard about the growing importance of marketing consisting in creating and distributing valuable and useful content. But do you know what context marketing is? There are many definitions of it, although in general it should be assumed that this is the next level of content marketing. In this text, however, we will try to explain exactly what context marketing is and what characterizes it.

What is context marketing?

The Polish language dictionary defines the word "context" in several ways - incl. as “a piece of text needed for an accurate understanding of given expressions” or as “a set of coexisting factors”. It is also worth mentioning that scholars dealing with communication treated context as one of the elements of the communication process. It's just a certain environment, a situation in which something is understood in a certain, specific way. This is what context marketing is all about - matching content to specific factors.

The definition of context marketing based on three pillars is very common:

  • right content - relevant content,
  • right person - to the right person,

  • right time - at the appropriate time.

However, context marketing cannot be equated with content marketing. The latter is about creating content that is designed to grab your audience's attention. Context marketing goes one level higher and is designed to convey content tailored to users at the right moment, based on, inter alia, about their behavior or shopping habits. As a result of such activities, the recipients receive content that they need or expect the most at a given moment. Personalization is the motto of context marketing.

How important a role it plays can be proved by the password that can be found on the web - "If content is king, context is queen". If content is king, then context is queen).

Context marketing - what you should know

We briefly introduced what context marketing is. It is also worth mentioning that its overriding goal is simply to accelerate the achievement of visible benefits from content marketing activities. It turns out that even the most attractive content alone may not bring the expected profits. Therefore, context marketing focuses primarily on matching content depending on where it appears, to whom it is presented and what it relates to.

Adjust context marketing to your platform

In context marketing, it is very important to understand the specifics of all platforms on which you place your content. For example, when you want to make certain content public on your social media profiles, you need to remember that something else will be interesting and attractive on Facebook, something else on Instagram, and something else on Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. In addition, you will communicate in a different way on your blog, company website, on an internet forum or via e-mails. Also, remember that different media and platforms are also different users.

Context marketing and your audience

We come to the most important issue that should be taken into account when planning activities related to context marketing - the recipient profile. A thorough analysis of your target group will allow you to adjust the content appropriately, which will increase the chances of getting interested in it and, consequently, of the conversion you expect. Mismatched content is often one of the main brakes in content marketing - context marketing is designed to overcome this obstacle and target the right person with the right content.

How to analyze your target group? First of all, at the very beginning, try to collect as much information as possible about the members of such a group - their age, place of residence, work, material status, etc. Follow their activities on your website - thanks to this you will find out what their needs are, what they are looking for, what interests them, and you will gain knowledge of their buying habits at the same time. Check how (from what sources) the leads reach the pages of your website, blog, etc. - this way you will determine the main traffic generators. Observe the profiles and activity of your leads in social media - it is a great place to conduct effective context marketing. Thanks to good analysis, you can easily adapt the content to the needs and requirements of your audience, which will make it much more effective.

Context marketing and current events in the country and in the world

An extremely important element in context marketing is the reference to current events. The content refers to events in the world of politics, sports, culture, entertainment, etc., creating a feeling in the recipients that brands are not completely detached from reality and that they witness events in the same way. However, it is important that this type of content is understandable in a given audience.

Context marketing is an effective way to quickly get the visible benefits of content marketing. By adjusting to many factors, the content will no longer be treated as spam by some recipients. Your company will gain the opinion of knowing the needs of customers, thanks to which you will be able to build long-term and effective relationships with your recipients. It is worth recommending a company that cares about the client and understands him.