Keeping a blog helps in website positioning

Service Business

In Poland, starting and then running a blog is most often done on impulse or boredom, although this trend is slowly changing. The network offers many alternatives to finding your place and expressing yourself freely on a variety of life topics. In practice, regular posts by internet users tend to fade into oblivion over time, and the owners, bored with this form of fun, move to other websites and even set up new blogs.

Positioning the website and running a blog

The issue of company blogs, which are supposed to be a showcase of the company, to present its values, products and services, is different. They are still a niche in our country, although it should be remembered that it is one of the best tools for effective website positioning. There are many advantages to running a blog in terms of SEO, so here are some tips that can help companies take their first steps in this area.

Running a blog and valuable content

As with website positioning, also when running a blog, you should focus only on valuable content. The text cannot be too short and link-oriented without a logical link to the company's website. Customers will quickly notice that our blog is written exclusively for SEO (in practice, it is a commonly used procedure), which may have a negative impact on the assessment of our image by both customers and Google algorithms. Publications should be original, not copied from other websites and actually present interesting content.

Internal and external links

In order for the blog to be successful in terms of positioning, internal and external links must not be forgotten. The key is to add it to industry directories, but if it has a separate address, a link to the company website should be placed on it - the method will be effective only if the blog is regularly updated by publishing unique and valuable content referring to the company's website.

Blog - content, build and update

The above-mentioned update should take place on a regular basis. Only then will Google's algorithms remember our actions, facilitating the positioning process. When publishing articles, you should pay attention to linking keywords, but you should not do these activities repeatedly.

Keeping a blog will help in creating your image

Positioning a company website via a blog is not the only advantage of running it. Keeping a blog allows you to communicate with the client, leave an opinion about a given product or service by the user and - above all - it is an ideal place to create a positive image of the company, present attractive offers or adapt to customer expectations. The more attractive the content, the greater (positive) user feedback. Bilateral relations caused by running a blog and motivating users to return are another important signal for Google that our website should be higher in the search results.

Running a company blog and the image of employees

A blog is not only a good place to present our offer. The aforementioned creation of the company's image should also apply to employees. It is worth presenting individual experts individually, their advantages and specialization. If we publish personal data along with a photo of the employee, his entries will inspire more trust. Occasionally, you can also afford a report on, for example, integration events, a presentation of everyday life in the company "from the kitchen" or an unusual marketing campaign.

A separate address for a blog or an integral part of the website ...

Opinions are divided on this point. A company blog can successfully function and achieve good results as a separate company domain or be part of a website. If the blog is an integral part of the website, then web links leading to it will be read as internal links, which may have slightly worse results. On the other hand, the number of subpages increases, which have an equally important impact on positioning. If you have a separate address, build the content from scratch. However, if the company is focused on unique content, such activities - although requiring more time - may be more beneficial in the future.

... or maybe a free platform?

How to approach free blogging platforms? It is a good solution for private individuals who are taking their first steps in this field. However, companies that plan to start a corporate blog should avoid this solution. In the eyes of potential customers, the use of alternatives such as blogspot, blox, blogger, etc. is associated with a lack of professionalism and taking the easy steps, which may affect effective positioning. It should also be remembered that free solutions are limited, e.g. in terms of templates or the possibility of making your own corrections.