What's worth seeing in Barcelona?

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Barcelona is considered an amazing place by tourists. The climate, the inhabitants, the architecture ... anything can be amazing. It is impossible to get bored in this city. If you are going to Barcelona, ​​we will give you some tips on what you must see. Find out by reading our article what is worth seeing in Barcelona?

La Rambla - take a walk around Barcelona

La Rambla is a very long street, filled to the brim with street artists and cafes. It is definitely worth starting your adventure with Barcelona with it. You can feel the atmosphere of this city perfectly there. However, it is worth emphasizing that this is not a place for people who like peace and quiet, because there are always a lot of people there. The Merkat de la Boqueria is on the street. It is considered the most popular food market in Barcelona. We will also meet a lot of other people there, but fresh, natural products are really eye-catching. One of the parts of the avenue, namely the Flower Rambla, is also worth mentioning. In the past, it was the only legal place to trade flowers in this city. The tradition has, in a way, been preserved to this day, so the alley is filled with colorful plants. The view is really beautiful.

A fairy-tale land in Barcelona

Another place that is definitely worth visiting when visiting Barcelona is Park Güella. The entrance looks really fabulous. The pavilions are reminiscent of irregularly shaped huts that we know from childhood illustrations. It really makes an amazing impression. In the park there is also a salamander sculpture made by Gaudi and the Hall of Hundred Columns, the ceiling of which serves as a vantage point. This place has a really large area (20 ha), so it is perfect for warm, sunny days, sunbathing, spending carefree time with family and loved ones. Thanks to the interesting architecture, we can really feel like in a fairy tale.

Barri Gòtic - the oldest part of Barcelona

Barri Gòtic is a medieval part of Barcelona. It perfectly reflects the atmosphere of those times. We can see, among others, the Catedral de Santa Maria del Pi and a museum presenting the history of this city. Time has definitely stood still in this district and anyone who takes a close look at it will notice it without a problem. The oldest part of Barcelona is ideal for history buffs and for all those who are enchanted by the ancient architecture.

Sagrada Familia - the most famous cathedral of Barcelona

The designer of the Sagrada Familia cathedral was Antonio Gaudi. Interestingly, the construction is still ongoing, even though it began at the end of the 19th century. The solemn consecration took place in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI. It is assumed that the works will be completed at the end of the 20s of the 21st century. There is no doubt about it - the Sagrada Familia is a symbol of Barcelona, ​​so everyone visiting this city must see it.

Barcelona is a city you can definitely fall in love with. The listed objects are only a fragment of what we can see in it. In addition, the atmosphere of the city is really amazing, and the impressions from such a trip - unforgettable.