What is Marketing Automation?

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Automation of marketing activities is not an area that will be common only in a few or several years. Already today, the largest companies invest very seriously in marketing automation, which allows you to increase reach, effective advertising without our excessive attention and reduce the costs of marketing activities. What exactly is marketing automation and how can we use this technology in our company?

What is Marketing Automation?

What is Marketing Automation really? It is a technology that includes a number of activities that automate traditional online marketing processes that are performed by every organization operating in the e-commerce industry. As it is commonly known, the Internet is nowadays the most effective advertising and promotion channel. Year by year, the share of online and mobile commerce in the overall share of retail sales is growing and there is no indication that this trend will change.

Companies actively operating in the field of internet marketing see the potential of this channel, invest really large funds in improving e-marketing processes, but also look for elements that are able to improve these activities. Marketing automaton, implemented through dedicated software and systems, allows you to increase the effectiveness of advertising your brand, building a positive image and relationships with existing and potential customers.

Why is it worth implementing marketing automation in your business?

What are the benefits of implementing improvements in the form of Marketing automation in your organization? First of all, the effectiveness of our marketing message. In the past, by performing certain defined actions, we did not always precisely target the group of clients we cared about the most. Marketing automation helps us to set the right target and focus our marketing activities on this group of Internet users.

Marketing automation, thanks to high efficiency, translates directly into higher sales and higher profits compared to marketing activities carried out in a traditional way. It is also worth mentioning the huge time savings. The owner of an online store who has implemented the Marketing automation software does not have to remember about a number of activities each day that must be performed in order for the company to be visible on the web. If the automation has been properly implemented and programmed, we can devote ourselves to current tasks, with the comfort that the appropriate marketing tools will automatically work for the benefit of our business.

Application of Marketing Automation

It's time for some practical examples of using automation in the marketing of our e-commerce business. First things first, E-mail marketing automation. Building a relationship with the customer using a mailbox in the form of offers or newsletters no longer has to be a tedious task performed by a store employee. Automation software will significantly streamline and improve your marketing activities in the area of ​​e-mail marketing. A customer visited our store to see offers for specific products? The Marketing automaton tool will send him an e-mail with a proposal of products from the same category, which he can get with a special discount, in just a few days. Such action will certainly encourage the customer to finalize the transaction, but it will also certainly warm up the image of us as a company that wants to make it easier for customers to fulfill their purchase plans.

This is just one example of the use of Marketing automation. Let's pay attention to a very important area, which of course is Remarketing. With the help of special automation tools, each customer who visits our store will soon gain access to dedicated advertising materials that focus on a group of products in their area of ​​interest. Marketing automation tools allow you to configure effective remarketing campaigns using dynamic marketing technology, which further increases the effectiveness of our promotional activities.

Marketing Automation support software

Marketing automation is a trend that, thanks to its scalability, is available to both large corporations and small online stores managed by one person. We gain such a wide use of automation technology through easy access to various tools and software that facilitate the process of automating marketing processes. So let's take a look at the most popular tools that are used to streamline your marketing efforts.

First of all, SALESmanago. This tool, thanks to its extensive functionality, allows us to automate marketing activities not only within the e-mail channel, but also in social media, websites, push notifications displayed to users or SMS. SALESmanago is the perfect tool when we plan to launch a large, cross-channel marketing campaign.

Another, much more popular tool is, of course, Google Ads, which is already implementing the technology of automating certain marketing processes taking place within our online store. An example would be the remarketing feature and many of its variants.

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Who is Marketing Automation for?

Who should invest in technology that automates marketing processes in our business? First of all, all those companies that, when implementing their campaigns, do not see the effects of their efforts visually. If we manage all the processes within the marketing strategy ourselves, small omissions and mistakes can result in the failure of the campaign and its poor effect. By implementing the automation of these processes, our campaigns will reach the right group of customers, making it much more effective.

The second group of entrepreneurs for whom it is advisable to use Marketing automation technology are people who run their own business. As you know, an incredibly large number of duties can lead to the fact that all promotional and marketing campaigns are relegated to the background. In the case of e-commerce, such an approach is a shot in the knee, so in order to save time and focus on priorities, it is worth investing in marketing automation.