What is EPU?


Electronic writ of payment procedure (EPU) in the Polish legal system has been in force since January 1, 2010 and, despite minor shortcomings, it is a basic procedure in the field of debt recovery, with many advantages.

You can use the EPU for claims based on simple facts, e.g. unpaid VAT invoices, loan agreements. In the case of complicated cases, the e-court will most likely refer the case to a court of general jurisdiction in the ordinary manner.

Advantages of electronic order for payment (EPU)

The advantages of electronic writ proceedings include:

  1. communication between the court and the parties takes place only in electronic form - no need to submit a paper-based statement of claim or any attachments;

  2. the system allows you to easily create an e-suit using a form;

  3. lower costs of proceedings - in ordinary proceedings, the fee is 5% of the subject of the dispute value, in EPU only 1.25% (but not less than PLN 30);

  4. EPU is much faster than traditional court proceedings;

  5. after obtaining the order for payment, the court automatically gives the enforcement clause, there is no need to apply for it;

  6. after obtaining the enforcement clause using an account in the e-court, you can easily submit an enforcement application to the bailiff.

 Mateusz Jakóbiak, vindicat.pl