Come on, paint my world - colors at work and efficiency

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In the latest research conducted by the European Statistical Office on the average number of hours spent at work, Poland was ranked 4th. In our country, an average of 40 hours a week is spent at work, i.e. about 2,000 hours throughout the year. By comparison, Danes and Norwegians work less than 34 hours a week at work, and in the Netherlands only 30 hours a week.

Colors are the key to your efficiency

The above data shows that we devote a lot of our time to work. Therefore, it is important to take care of our well-being, as well as concentration and efficiency. Research carried out by scientists shows that colors have a great influence on our efficiency at work. The colors of the walls of a given room can calm us down, calm down or stimulate us. It is crucial that they do not distract us from concentrating on our duties.

How do colors affect our work?

Yellow - working in shades of yellow indoors, we feel more creative and full of inspiration. Research by London College supports this thesis. According to these studies, yellow makes us happy, full of energy and much more focused on work.

Orange - a room in this color has a positive effect on our well-being. In addition, this color increases our self-confidence.

Red - by staying in a room in this color, you activate vigilance and attention to detail. This color helps us to do better tasks where it is important to present correct and incorrect answers. And all this is due to the fact that this color is associated with danger - STOP signs, the color of the teacher's pen or the color of fire trucks.

Blue - this color promotes creative thinking and imagination. By associating this color with the sky, water, peace and quiet, we feel safe, and thus we activate creative thinking. Blue also stimulates openness.

Green - working in a room in this color is especially recommended for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, because green has a soothing effect on our eyesight. Walls in this shade also help calm our nerves.

Gray - a survey conducted by Hewlett-Packard shows that working in a gray room, we very quickly start to feel bored and depressed.

The color of the interior is not only a decorative element. Therefore, the decision on the color of the walls of a room intended, for example, for an office, should not be taken lightly. It is very important to use moderation and common sense when choosing colors, use the research carried out by scientists and try to use the influence of the shade to increase the effectiveness of the activities performed.