Features of an effective negotiator - what should they be?

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Everyone is better at something and worse at something. Thanks to our predispositions, we find ourselves in a given profession and become experts in what we do. A good accountant should be meticulous and accurate, while an entrepreneur must think analytically, be able to look for and use the opportunities and opportunities that arise. What are the features of an effective negotiator? How can you describe a person who sits at the negotiating table and brings about a mutually beneficial agreement? Check what predispositions you should have to efficiently negotiate the terms of the contract.

Features of an effective negotiator - knowledge, personality, appearance

If you want to know the qualities of an effective negotiator, you should pay attention to three things: personality traits, appearance and knowledge. A person sitting at the negotiating table should not only be able to use negotiation techniques, but should also be able to dress appropriately to emphasize their professionalism. The image we create by the way we dress, speak or behave affects whether we are considered a trustworthy, truthful and reliable contractor. If we are judged in this way by our opponent, the way to success is already paving. The only thing left for us to do is skillfully negotiate.

An effective negotiator should be knowledgeable

An effective negotiator should have knowledge and competences as well as extensive experience in conducting negotiation talks. It is hard to imagine that a person who is involved in determining the essential terms of the contract would not know how to convince the opponent to agree to the proposed solution.

The negotiator should be knowledgeable about:

  • the negotiation process,

  • preparing for negotiation talks,

  • negotiation techniques,

  • the way of making concessions,

  • the opponent's offer,

  • competition proposals,

  • the way of communicating,

  • persuasive tactics,

  • non-verbal behavior.

The negotiator needs to know how to behave in a given situation. Knowledge of business etiquette is therefore required. If negotiations are held with representatives of other nationalities, such as Japanese, the interviewees should become familiar with the customs, traditions and behavior patterns of Japanese culture.


The negotiator should first of all get acquainted with the details of his own offer. There should not be a situation where the negotiator does not know what concessions he can offer to the other party.

Manipulation of one's appearance as a feature of an effective negotiator

The appearance emphasizes the qualities of an effective negotiator. Shaping your own image is important. The way of dressing and styling may facilitate or hinder the course of conversations. Imagine you are discussing an important contract issue with a woman who has a very large cleavage. If you are a man, you will certainly have trouble concentrating on the point in question. On the other hand, if your opponent wears an elegant suit and his hair is shaped in the most fashionable hairstyle of the season, you will think you are dealing with a professional. You will not question his words and agree to several of his positions, as you will believe that such a negotiator is certainly right.

An effective negotiator and his personality traits

When analyzing the profile of an effective negotiator, one should also mention the personality traits that he should have. It is usually emphasized in the literature that negotiators should:

  • have a moderate approach to risk - not to be risk-takers, but also not to be afraid of making unsafe decisions,

  • be patient, reliable and accurate,

  • be able to listen to another person

  • set yourself ambitious but achievable goals,

  • strive to achieve your goals,

  • think creatively and analytically,

  • quickly adapt to a new situation,

  • be able to work in a team,

  • to cope with stress,

  • have the ability to organize working time,

  • easy to make interpersonal contacts,

  • be characterized by a mature personality.