Cash back - what is it and how to use it?

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We are used to paying by card everywhere. It does not matter if it is a fee for a fitness pass or rolls in a bakery - we always have the card in our wallet. However, there are still many places where sellers do not offer card payments or require a minimum order amount of PLN 20. What to do when we are in the city and we have not found an ATM nearby? We can always use the cash back service.

Cash back - for whom and what is it about?

The cash back service is available from the moment the card is activated. The amount charged decreases the card's non-cash limit accordingly, and the bank does not set any additional limits for this service. Both operations - purchases and withdrawals - are authorized and settled in one transaction, which debits our account with their sum.

To use the cash back service, all you need to do is have a payment card issued by Visa or MasterCard®. There is no need for additional service activation.

Generally speaking, cash back is the option of withdrawing cash while paying for purchases. To use this service, you need to make purchases for any amount (the amount spent does not matter - PLN 300 can be withdrawn regardless of whether we spend PLN 1 or PLN 200 for shopping), and then inform the seller that we want to withdraw money.

Cash back - where can I withdraw money?

The list of service points offering the option of cash back payments is long and amounts to over 64 thousand. such places. The Visa or MasterCard cash back logo is displayed in the retail and service outlets providing this service, most often on the shop window, at the door or at the cash register.

You can also ask the seller about the possibility of taking advantage of such an offer. The points that offer the cash back service are, above all, the Żabka chain, Vobis, the Piotr i Paweł delicatessen, Empik stores and Real supermarkets.

Cash back - how much can I withdraw and how much is the daily limit?

Users of cards with the cash back function can withdraw up to PLN 300 in one transaction. This service can be used several times a day - each time we pay by card for purchases at points marked with the Cash back logo. The only limitation is the amount of the limit set for our card, to which cash back transactions are added - depending on the regulations of our card bank.

Is this service payable? Fortunately, most banks do not charge an additional fee. Decisions on whether to charge cardholders with a fee for using the cash back service are at the sole discretion of the individual banks with which we have concluded an agreement. However, to be absolutely sure - it is best to ask the bank for details.

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Cash back - what are the benefits for customers of this service?

There are many advantages to using the cash back service, here are some of them:

  • convenience and wide access to cash,

  • secure money withdrawal always using a PIN code,

  • saving time - we buy and pay out at the same time,

  • no additional fees - for customers of most banks,

  • simplicity - most of the steps are performed by the seller.