Bonuses to remuneration - non-financial methods of motivation


Work should not only be a chore, but also a pleasure. If an employee feels good in the company that employs him, then he gives his best and his ratings grow. Therefore, the employer should ensure a friendly atmosphere at work by introducing incentive systems such as bonuses to remuneration.

Wage bonuses as an additional incentive

Enterprises carry out costly recruitment processes to find the right employee. Finding the right, fully competent person among the piles of CVs is not that easy. If the entrepreneur already employs an employee who will meet his requirements, then he should try to keep him in the company. A good employee is worth its weight in gold. Employers often do not realize how much financial effort is required for properly conducted recruitment, which would result in a qualified employee. One of the ways to reduce these costs is the appropriate incentive system, which will make the employee more willing to perform his duties and not quit his job.

The employer should carefully consider alternative methods of remuneration. Of course, the amount of salary is extremely important and it seems to motivate the employee the most, but unfortunately, it is impossible to satisfy everyone in this way at the same time, and increases are rather rare. Such situations negatively affect the atmosphere in the workplace. It is important not to discriminate against anyone, so it is worth introducing a salary bonus to the company's payout system, which will help build such valuable ties between the company and its employee and will give prospects for long-term cooperation.

Bonuses to remuneration - what can be offered to the employee

The range of bonuses is extremely wide, the employer, when deciding on one, must remember to adapt it to the specificity of the company and to individual professional and qualification groups. In international consortia, employers eagerly reach for the so-called social package limited by a certain amount. The employee distributes it on his own for any items from the package. The option to choose is always more motivating than a one-time increase. Thus, it builds a sense of independence in the employee. Package salaries often include gym, fitness or swimming pool tickets, in this way the employer shows that he cares about the health and physical condition of his employees. On the other hand, all subsidies to education in the form of referrals to language courses, additional training or studies increase the qualifications of the employed person, which is beneficial both ways. In this way, the company gains a satisfied, healthy and educated employee.

Non-financial methods of remuneration

Non-financial methods of remunerating employees include: free medical care, life insurance, food coupons, gift vouchers, and in senior positions also work cells, laptops, cars and apartments.

Employers should remember that besides financial compensation, there are other ways to motivate employees and show appreciation for their work. Bonuses to remuneration as non-financial benefit systems are advantageous in that companies receive various tax breaks that can be included in the costs of the company's operation. Benefits confirm employees that they do their job well, that they are needed. Thanks to them, employee satisfaction increases, and this builds good interpersonal relations in the company and enlivens the atmosphere.