Business dress code - what is worth remembering?

Service Business

Dress is just as important in business as extensive contacts or money. A professional business dress code can bring us a lot, and mistakes made in this matter can destroy even the most obvious business. So how to avoid them?

The dress code is an element of savoir-vivre containing a set of rules defining the norms of dress in relation to specific places and situations in which we find ourselves, as well as the region of the world, country, culture or even religion. The business dress code primarily defines the etiquette of official clothes or clothes for an interview. This term has appeared in the Polish dictionary quite recently, which of course does not mean that the appearance and clothing had no meaning in the domestic business before.

The right dress code depends on the place where we work, the function we perform, or even the people we meet. Without the context of the meeting, there is no recipe for the perfect outfit. Sometimes a perfectly tailored suit will be an advantage, and in other situations it may turn out to be a fashion faux pas.

How to dress in business?

In this case, what matters most is elegance, which is associated with intuition and simplicity, and not necessarily with the labels of the best brands and expensive accessories. Exaggerated "cool" in this field can do much more harm than help. The outfit should not be a determinant of our wealth, but of neatness and respect for the people we meet. So the most important thing is that it must be absolutely clean and fresh at all times. It shouldn't have any puffs, spots or holes. The shirt should be perfectly ironed, and the accessories selected with detail and taste. The business styling is also influenced by its appropriate length and size, the appropriate combination of colors and patterns, and the way it is worn later.

What should a man remember?

In this case, everything is theoretically simple. The basic and actually the only choice of a business outfit is a well-tailored suit. Choosing the right one is not as trivial as it might seem. The priority is that it is not too small or baggy. Slim sets are currently fashionable, which appropriately emphasize our figure. The sleeves are also important - they should not be too long (it is good if they cover the wrists), so that they reveal the cuff by a minimum of 1.5 centimeters. Priority is given to a long-sleeved shirt (even if we were to roll them up). It is better not to be white (such a color is rather reserved for baptism or funeral occasions). The jacket should be fastened with one button. It is also important not to carry anything in its pockets. It is allowed only in the upper pocket and there we can only carry a boutonniere - never business cards or a pen. The color of our outfit should be dark (the darkest element of our outfit), but not black - this one is dedicated to evening outings. Of course, the tie is very important. Ideally, it should match our shirt (the brightest element) and it should be tied so that it ends at the height of the belt. Let's give up flashy colors and provocative patterns. The socks should be the color of the shoes (preferably black) and the color of the belt, and long enough not to reveal the calves under any circumstances.

What should a woman remember?

As is often the case, in the case of women's attire, the choice is much greater, which also causes more problems. A businesswoman can wear a suit as well as combinations of jackets with skirts, trousers and dresses - the appropriate selection of these elements can be difficult. What is important? First of all, the choice of colors - we should avoid black (this is only for the evening), but still be restrained and not invest in flashy colors. As for men, the priority is the right size and length. If our costume requires a shirt, choose pastel shades that will match our skin tone. When the jacket is buttoned, we can also put on a plain top. Jacket sleeves should never be shorter than the elbow length. Even in summer, it is worth wearing thin tights or stockings, and the heels should cover the toes and not be higher than 7 centimeters. Of course, accessories are very important in the appearance of a woman: jewelry, a handbag and good makeup. It is important not to overdo it and adjust them according to one predetermined concept.

Business dress code - the most common mistakes

One of the most common mistakes in men's business dress codes is wearing short-sleeved shirts with a suit. If we add a tie to the set, it will be very bad, and if it is also too long or too short - terrible. We absolutely should never wear a vest. The last button in a jacket should always be undone (exceptions are single-button or double-breasted jackets). When we stand, the jacket should be buttoned, when we sit down - completely unbuttoned. In the case of women, there can be just as many mistakes. The lack of tights or poorly chosen stockings are among the most common. In addition, shoes that reveal toes or heels, too small clothes or visible underwear are other sins of a businesswoman that we see very often. Harsh makeup and patterns on the nails as well as too many jewelry and accessories are also inadvisable.

Dress code can affect our reception and the respect that we may or may not be bestowed upon by our employees and contractors. It is enough to remember only a few simple tips and advice in order to be appropriate against this background and thus help yourself in business.