Cloud computing - what is business in the clouds?

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Cloud computing is a model of the company's work organization, which consists in using the services provided by a selected, external provider as part of a license fee. Customers who use solutions of this type have quick access to their data and constant technical support of the distributor. They do not have to install the selected software on their own computers and update it, because all you need to do is connect your equipment to the Internet. In addition, the advantages of the system include significant cost reduction, greater remote work opportunities and increased work efficiency.

Cloud computing is a collective name that defines its various types. These include private, public and hybrid clouds.

Private cloud computing

It has limited access, so only selected users can use it. It is a solution that can be successfully used at the initial stage of work with the cloud, because data is made available only to selected users. As a result, it provides additional security for your resources. This solution is especially recommended to companies that care about the security of their data. Private cloud computing uses the infrastructure and IT resources of the entrepreneur who decided to use it. It allows you to introduce an internal process of accounting for the use of resources, while ensuring high flexibility and efficiency.

Public cloud computing

It is characterized by unlimited access by all users who have access to the Internet. It facilitates the work of larger groups of people who may additionally be in different parts of the country or the world. In addition, in this type of cloud computing, you can make your own solutions available to anyone who wants to use them. The resource specification and infrastructure configuration is not visible to the end user. In the vast majority of cases, the location of the service itself is also unknown. However, it does not really matter, because the quality is only determined by the functionality and availability of the service. Many websites are based on the public cloud computing model. Among them you can mention, among others Google, Microsoft or

Hybrid cloud computing

It is a combination of private and public cloud functionality. Often this solution is used by entrepreneurs who expect short-term coverage of surplus demand for processing power in operational cycles. In addition, this tool allows you to effortlessly buy additional computing power on remote servers later, if needed.

In order to meet the expectations of all users, cloud computing is delivered in several models. Among them, the most frequently chosen ones are SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

SaaS (Software as a Service) - the most popular computing cloud

It is currently the most popular model of cloud computing. According to the assumptions of the model, the entrepreneur, after purchasing a license to use the selected software, obtains access to tools that can be used on his own operating system. It therefore only has an interface for data entry. All obligations related to ensuring data security and the continuity of the service's operation rest with the service provider. The main advantage of the SaaS model is access to the latest software without the need for costly and time-consuming updates.

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PaaS (Platform as a Service) as a model of cloud computing

In this model, the entrepreneur gets access to the entire platform, which he can use according to his needs and preferences. Also in this case, the administration of the platform and the work related to updating the software are the responsibility of the service distributor. The described model of cloud computing is especially recommended for programmers. This solution can make their work easier, as it allows free access to their own projects.

Cloud computing - IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

The model is intended for users with the broadest needs. In its concept, it offers entrepreneurs access not only to selected functions or software, but also the possibility of installing their tools. The IaaS model allows you to buy a specific amount of disk space, which can also be relatively easily scaled. Thus, such a solution seems to be particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs who, for example, need large computing power for short-term projects. Moreover, the described model is an alternative to dedicated servers.

Cloud computing is a dynamically developing tool that can be successfully used in most companies. It is worth considering this type of solution and taking advantage of the many benefits offered by individual models. Additionally, specialists from the IT industry predict that it will develop dynamically so as to best meet the expectations of its users.