Virtual office Warsaw - 4 advantages of such a solution

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In the era of the Internet, remote work and freelance, it is becoming more and more common to rent a virtual office. Today we will try to answer the question of whether it is worth taking advantage of this option, what exactly is such a solution and whether renting a virtual office in Warsaw is a lawful activity.

Virtual office - a prestigious address for your company

A recognizable address of your company is often associated with the need to rent an office in a prestigious location. An example is the Zielna 39 virtual office, which gives you the chance to obtain a prestigious virtual address, which will improve the image of your company. The best business registration address will translate into tangible benefits related to the easier acquisition of customers. In addition, a company that rents a virtual office often offers the possibility of using conference rooms in the very center of Warsaw. Thanks to this, you can conduct talks with contractors in comfortable conditions and at a prestigious address without incurring high costs of permanent rental.

Virtual office Warsaw - get a cheap address for company registration

Many entrepreneurs running, especially sole proprietorships, do not have sufficient funds to rent an office that would be the company's headquarters. An office in the center of Warsaw carries a very heavy burden on the budget, which, however, can be avoided by renting a virtual address.This is a solution permitted in Polish law - the Warsaw Śródmieście virtual office can be provided as the address of a registered business after concluding an appropriate contract with a company dealing with this form rental. This solution is cheaper than the actual office space and allows you to run a business at a recognizable address without the need to physically rent the premises. Therefore, the service is often used by freelancers and entrepreneurs whose address of residence is a rented flat - in this case, the owner of the premises must agree to operate at the address indicated, which involves additional formalities. A virtual office in Warsaw is also an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who live or operate in another city and do not want to incur further costs for renting an address.


Virtual office benefits - additional services

The virtual address of the company brings with it a number of additional services in the form of office services offered under the Warsaw virtual office lease agreement. The rental includes primarily a virtual secretariat - you can get access to a landline phone number that will redirect all calls to a private number. In addition, the virtual office offers the collection of correspondence and parcels. The price includes mail scanning and access to office equipment, bearing only small office costs. Also take advantage of the possibility of full telephone and mail service, including sending correspondence to the indicated home or e-mail address.

Virtual office - the perfect solution for entrepreneurs

As part of renting a virtual office in Warsaw, you can also count on marketing and consulting services. Virtual offices are not only about registering an address, because they are connected with the company's accounting services by professional accountants. The offer is complemented by the possibility of obtaining the support of advisors in the field of legal and financial advice, who will also help choose the Tax Office and complete all formalities related to setting up a company. Advice on setting up a company is especially helpful in the case of your first business activity.