Free promotion of the e-shop in social media

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Due to the ever-growing competition on the online store market, multi-channel e-business promotion is gaining momentum. That is why the image of an online store in social media is so important. Is the free promotion of an e-shop on social media possible and can it be effective?

Free promotion of the e-store in social media - tips

First of all - CONTENT

Take care of valuable content in your e-shop's social media before investing in its paid advertising.

The right message, the tone of communication tailored to your recipients and their needs - this is how you can summarize the idea of ​​good content. Only a valuable message will allow you to gain new customers or encourage existing customers to buy again in your store. Give up standard sales texts and engage users in your brand's story, i.e. its world. A company with a coherent image builds a community around itself, and thus gains loyal customers.

Good content as a free promotion of an e-shop on social media attracting customers:

  • Contests - everyone likes to win! The winnings may be a discount on purchases in an e-shop or free company gadgets

  • Promotions, special actions or news - such messages draw attention, as long as they are not everyday life on the profile

  • Discount coupons for download only for fans - this is especially appreciated by people who follow the profile on Facebook and Instagram

  • Tutorials as videos - create video tutorials and show your customers how a given product or service works

Second - customer service in social media

Free promotion of the e-store in social media is possible thanks to the popularity of such portals as Facebook or Instagram. Currently, both of these portals are one of the main ways to communicate the brand with the customer.

You can quickly send a message or comment on a post advertising a product. Therefore, company profiles become Customer Service Centers, which is particularly visible in the case of e-shops.

Inquiries about product availability, order status or complaints or simply asking for help in choosing a product or service - these are just a few examples of possible actions by customers. And here, the answer of the person responsible for the e-shop profile is important. What is important in responding to customer comments or messages?

Two rules:

1. No referral - if a customer reports to us via social media, he or she expects a response via the same channel. Nobody likes being sent off to more people and departments. Comprehensive customer service in one place will translate into evaluation of the operation of not only the service, but also the entire online store.

2. Quick responses - Whether it's a favorable comment or a negative opinion, the company needs to respond to customer feedback.

Links to social media and e-shop

If we want this free promotion of the e-shop on social media to be fully used, it is necessary to include links to social media in the e-shop and newsletter. It is worth or even should add information about brand profiles in social media as part of most forms of communication with the client, e.g. when sending a purchase confirmation or creating an account on the website.

However, if we want to send users from the e-store to social media, then it is necessary to put links to the store in the Information tab in the case of Facebook or in the "bio" on Instagram.