Internal promotion - learn about the pros and cons of this solution

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Until recently, an ordinary employee, now a manager. By observing an individual's work, skills and commitment, a manager may decide to move them to a higher position rather than looking for someone from the outside. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of internal promotion.

Internal promotion - benefits for the company and the employee

Large enterprises usually decide to search for employees for management positions among their staff. This is due to the high dynamics prevailing in the company - some people come only for a moment, due to the difficulties associated with finding the desired job, others have been working for some time and are quietly counting on internal promotion. The latter may be suitable candidates for managerial positions. Promotion of them can bring a number of benefits to the company, such as:

  • risk reduction - when you hire an employee you know, you are aware of both their skills and positive qualities, as well as weak points that can be controlled. It also saves time during interviews - instead of checking the skills and knowledge of the candidate, you can focus on their motivations and discuss whether they are ready for a turn in their career;

  • promoting and developing his team - for an employee promotion is information about his value - he was successful, so he was transferred to a higher position. Thanks to this, he begins to try even harder not to disappoint the trust placed in him. His desires are satisfied - promotion gives him the opportunity to train in new areas and thus influences his continuous development. The latter only benefits the company;

  • fit to the team - if a given person has been working in the company for some time, we know that they are adapted to the prevailing organizational culture and rules, and that they have the qualities required for a specific position. Even if she is weaker in terms of content than external candidates, she will find herself in the team faster after taking up a new position. The situation in which the promoted employee was already the unofficial leader of his team will have an even better impact on this change. Then, despite the change in function, the group will continue to perceive it positively;


  • saving money - hiring a person from your team is associated with lower recruitment and implementation costs. Moreover, promotion in itself is a form of appreciating the employee, therefore the employee usually does not have too high financial expectations on this account;

  • saving time - promoting a person from your company will shorten the period of implementation to a new form of work;

  • strengthening the employee's attachment to the company - the promoted person will feel appreciated for their work. He will also see that trying pays off, so he will not think about leaving the company.

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Disadvantages of internal promotion

Each solution, apart from benefits, also has disadvantages. It is no different when it comes to internal promotion. When deciding to take this step, one should take into account the risk of stagnation in the company's structure, which may be caused by the lack of an influx of new employees, and thus - new ideas and a fresh look at the company's projects. In addition, the internal promotion of one of the employees of a given team may adversely affect other people working in it. They may feel underestimated, and sometimes even decide to quit their job, which may result in losing specialists for the company. Among the people who stay, there is a risk of mutual unofficial ties. Personal arrangements can stratify the structure of the enterprise.

Promoting your employee, instead of employing a person who already has competences related to a managerial position, is also associated with the need to provide him with many, often very costly, trainings.

Is internal promotion a better solution for the company?

The balance of advantages and disadvantages of internal promotion is definitely in favor of the former. Despite the fact that the company risks ossifying its structure, negative moods in the team, as well as additional costs of training courses, it can gain a motivated manager, focused on development, as well as aware of the needs and possibilities of both the company and the entire staff. However, it is important to make sure that you choose the right person who strongly identifies with your company when deciding on internal promotion.