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The tone with which we address our interlocutor can reveal a lot. It shows not only the attitude of the other person, but also the purpose of the conversation. The voice itself and its intonation are extremely important during both telephone and face-to-face dialogue. Therefore, below we explain what mistakes you should avoid in conversations in order to make a good impression.

  • Don't talk too fast

Quick speech may be negatively perceived by the interlocutor. This behavior creates a poor image of the speaker. She may be perceived as nervous and full of complexes. This should be kept under control as people who speak slowly (but not too slowly) are perceived as being more confident.

  • Avoid the condescending tone

Condescending, which is what? Well, as the dictionary definition implies, a condescending tone is one in which one of the interlocutors shows his superiority over the other. Such behavior may also be evidence of the possessed complexes.

  • Don't speak too loudly, but also not too softly

Using too high a tone in a conversation will not help build authority in the eyes of the interlocutor. The lower tone is much better perceived. Before the first phone call or face to face, it should be properly practiced.

  • Do not use a soft tone

Too nice tone signals the weakness of the interlocutor who, by using manipulation techniques, wants to sneak into the favors of the other party. People who are more oriented and sensitive to such situations may perceive such behavior as an attempt to please.

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  • Pay attention to the vocabulary

During a conversation, speech or presentation, an extremely important element is the selection of the right words. You should adapt them to your recipient. Because the use of too convoluted and unclear terminology in a conversation with a layman may discourage him greatly from our person.

  • Maintain eye contact

For face-to-face conversations, it is highly advisable to maintain eye contact. It informs you of your interest. However, the look cannot be too intrusive, then it is a negative signal and - most importantly - unnatural.

To sum up - by following the above rules, we can make our interlocutor perceive us positively, whether on the other side of the handset or in face to face contact. This is the first step to success.