Online pharmacies - is it worth using them?

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By purchasing goods online, we save not only time, but also money. Such shopping has many advantages and it is no wonder that currently we can easily find everything online. Nevertheless, online pharmacies are somewhat of a concern. We are often afraid that the drugs we buy will come from an illegal source, which will endanger our health and even life. However, it is worth knowing that many online pharmacies are completely legal and shopping in them is not dangerous. You only need to pay attention to a few important details and purchase everything without fear.

Online pharmacies - why is it worth it?

First of all, online pharmacies are a great convenience. It's no secret that the lines at stationary points are often really long, and in addition, there are people who are sick and spreading germs. Often, standing in them simply cannot be avoided, which is why we waste a lot of time. In addition, for the same reason, we are not able to accurately check the ingredients and leaflets of all drugs that we intend to buy. Of course, we receive information from the pharmacist, but it is difficult to require that he should present us with all the messages contained on the packaging. The online pharmacy allows you to save time or use its excess to take a detailed look at the medicines you buy. Thanks to this, we are sure what we are purchasing. If we know exactly what we need, shopping will be a matter of minutes.

How to make sure that online pharmacies are working legally?

The client wants to be absolutely sure that he is buying drugs in a proven place. What information confirms the legality of an e-pharmacy?

  1. From 2015, every legally operating online pharmacy must have a logo common to all members of the European Union. When we click on them, we should be redirected to the website of the Healthcare Information Systems Center, to the pharmacy's record in the general list. We will find there the data of the facility and the application to the Provincial Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.

  2. The pharmacy should have its own stationary collection point, where professional staff must be employed. If the website has the exact address of this place and the logo of a traditional facility, we do not have to worry about the quality of the medicines we receive.

  3. The internet pharmacy should have an expert telephone service.

  4. The e-pharmacy cannot be nameless. The website should contain the names of the people who manage it.

  5. It is worth checking whether the pharmacy has the data of the competent Provincial Pharmaceutical Inspectorate and a link to the Public Information Bulletin of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.

When should online pharmacies raise our concern?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to what drugs are sold in such a place. For example, if, when buying prescription drugs, the seller does not ask for it in an e-pharmacy, it is better to look for another point. Likewise, when the prices are so low that compared to other online pharmacies, it is simply disturbing. Remember that reimbursed drugs must cost the same everywhere, so let's check the price in several stores. If we just feel that something is wrong, we just don't buy, let's go to a stationary pharmacy or look for another website.

When to resign from shopping at an online pharmacy?

We should give up buying drugs in an online pharmacy when they do not meet the above-mentioned requirements, and thus the drugs may come from an illegal source. We should also avoid shopping in untrusted places, and especially do not buy anything from private persons. Then we have no idea what is really contained in the drugs and whether we will not hurt ourselves. It is also worth considering purchases in the case of reimbursed drugs. They will cost exactly the same in a stationary pharmacy, and on the Internet we will pay extra for the delivery.

Online shopping is really convenient, it allows you to save time and money, but when buying medicines, remember that our health and safety are the most important. Therefore, we should only buy in trusted and proven places. It is not worth worrying about drugs in e-pharmacies, but still, we should carefully check the place of purchase. Only then will we be fully convinced that nothing unforeseen will happen.