Saas applications - not only internet accounting

Service Business

It is predicted that the coming years will bring increased interest in virtual software. This is important information for entrepreneurs and businessmen, because Saas applications are primarily a business tool. Current data shows that applications based on the SaaS model are growing at a rate of about 40% per year, and their value has already exceeded the amount of USD 100 billion. Therefore, it can be clearly stated that SaaS is currently one of the main trends in the IT industry, which will certainly develop dynamically in the near future in order to ultimately achieve the position of a leader.

Saas system products

There are more and more products on the market distributed via the SaaS system. The most important applications include a virtual disk, an internet accounting system and a customer relationship management system. It is also worth knowing that in the SaaS system you can run your own online store, because the distributor of the service offers such tools as software, server, hosting and a company e-mail box under the license fee.

SaaS applications - virtual disk

The disk is a tool that can certainly facilitate work in many enterprises. Its main advantage is the ability to access your data from any place and device with an internet connection. After paying a small subscription, the service provider provides the entrepreneur with free space on the server. This solution is mainly used to store backup copies of documents, statements or presentations.

The Internet hard drive protects important data against viruses, disk failures, theft and accidental deletion. An additional benefit of having a virtual disk in the SaaS system is the ability to share your files with other users, e.g. employees.

SaaS applications - internet accounting

Online accounting is a proposal for entrepreneurs who want to conduct their own settlements based on a selected internet system. It is an alternative to costly accounting offices and traditional software available only on one computer. At the same time, it guarantees the care of specialists and their support in problematic issues. In addition to basic functions such as issuing invoices and settling payments, Saas applications also offer keeping registers and books adapted to the form of taxation of the entrepreneur, generating declarations, and printing fiscal receipts. The entrepreneur receives access to the selected platform after paying the subscription fee.

The main advantages of the Internet accounting program available in the SaaS system include its mobility, security of data storage and time savings - by entering data, the system itself generates and calculates the necessary amounts and statements. In Poland, there are a number of programs for independent accounting, such as, which additionally provides modules such as HR and Payroll, Warehouse or CRM.

Online CRM and Saas applications

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system used to effectively manage contacts with customers. The service allows you to collect information about customers, plan future activities, analyze sales relationships and support marketing activities in one place and freely manage your data. Depending on the size and structure of the company, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to choose an appropriate model tailored to his needs. It is worth being aware of the fact that the purchase and implementation of such a system by an external institution involves high costs that only a few entrepreneurs can afford. This aspect is a key argument which outweighs the use of SaaS software, especially among small business owners.

SaaS applications - online store

It is possible to build your own online store even by entrepreneurs who do not have their own server and appropriate software. Companies that offer all the necessary tools in return for a subscription fee meet their needs. It is worth knowing that this model is gaining recognition by more and more entrepreneurs due to the ease of management, low maintenance costs of the store and comprehensive service from the service operator.

SaaS applications have great development potential over traditional products. Due to the noticeable globalization of the market, it can be concluded that the programs made available through the SaaS system are a response to the ever larger and faster changing needs of entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the wide range of various applications, so as not to fall behind the competition and meet the needs of customers, both current and potential, faster and easier.