Application for creating a presentation - how to choose?

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Are you bored with stencil slides in PowerPoint, and long presentations make you fall asleep? If you want to surprise your customers without the need to create eye-catching graphics on your own, this guide is for you! Check which presentation application is the best for you!

A good and non-standard multimedia presentation can be your great asset during an important meeting. After years of watching template slides - while studying and then at work - are you getting discouraged by each meeting where you present? Meet it and start a revolution with yourself.

The fact that people are visual learners and judge by their appearance at least at first does not need to be specifically proved. Isn't it worth taking advantage of this and creating a presentation that will make all the observers' jaws drop? As it turns out, it doesn't have to be terribly difficult and time-consuming. It is enough to look for the appropriate program a little further than on the start bar of our computer.

Application for creating presentations - Prezi

The Prezi application is becoming popular in wider and wider circles to create interesting presentations. The program gives a completely new look at multimedia presentations and their possibilities that may surprise anyone who does not know it yet.

Prezi enables interesting transitions between slides, attractive and modern graphic solutions or even ingenious fonts and templates. The high interactivity of the slides gives interesting effects. Although the beginnings in creating a presentation using this program do not have to be easy, you should get used to it quite quickly. After switching from PowerPoint to Prezi, we will never miss the former again.

The application can be used for free - then, after registering, we get 100 MB of disk space, and we have to publish our presentations in a directory that is accessible to everyone. The application for creating a presentation also allows you to invite other users to edit slides or view an online presentation using the generated link.

In addition to the time that we will need to learn to use this program and the need to provide a presentation, its disadvantages are also limited printing capabilities (only in PDF) and the validity of the link to the presentation, which expires after one week.

Vuvox - creating a presentation

The free platform made it possible to create presentations similar to advanced collages that no one was indifferent to. Working on good quality graphic materials guaranteed unconventional solutions and methods of presenting data and charts in the form of interesting graphics.

The presentation application made it possible to publish data using interesting effects, such as scattered postcards, tape, a school blackboard or even a world map. On the Vuvox platform, photos, graphics, paintings and work galleries supplemented with sound effects presented much better than the content. Why are we writing about this in the past tense? Unfortunately, this platform was unexpectedly shut down recently.

Application for creating presentations - Haiku Deck

The Haiku Deck presentation application has a large base with photos and graphics for any use in presentations. We can search for them just like on portals with stock photos - by category or using a simple search engine. Interesting templates and non-standard presentation effects, as well as the ability to effectively present data in charts make this program an interesting and very easy-to-use tool for creating presentations. - creating a presentation

Another application for creating online presentations that will allow you to present graphics in an interesting way. Multimedia presentations made with this tool resemble a horizontal timeline that can be freely moved and viewed.

The presentation in the form of storytelling or a short picture comic is really impressive. Users can use a dozen or so eye-catching templates, adding their graphics and content to them for free.

Application for creating a presentation - PowToon

Multimedia presentations don't have to be boring! Thanks to the online PowToon application, we can create simple animated movies similar to standard presentations in an accessible way. Creating slides in this program does not seem very simple at first, because the whole thing looks more like a video editor than a slide maker. However, a few moments of focus are enough to master the basic functions and enjoy its possibilities.

Going ahead and applying non-standard methods of data presentation can allow us to achieve considerable success during business meetings. An unusual, surprising presentation can be our big advantage with a small amount of work at the same time. It is worth taking this into account.