Anemia - what is it and how to deal with it?

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Do you feel tired, dizzy, and you can't sleep at night? Everyone tells you you look faint and your skin is very pale? Probably, a poor diet or an intense lifestyle caused you to anemia. How to deal with it?

Anemia - what is it?

Anemia is also known as anemia. It is characterized by a decreased level of hemoglobin. It is caused by a deficiency of iron or vitamin B12, although it can also be a complication after hemorrhage. Anemia should not be ignored, even if it is mild, because its worsening can lead to serious diseases, including impaired sensation or even mental disorders.

Anemia - how does it manifest itself?

Initially, we may not feel that something is happening in our body at all. That is why periodic blood tests are so important, thanks to which we will make sure that everything is in order. However, if we feel that we lack energy and are exhausted, we also feel dizzy, we also feel shortness of breath, and our heart beats very quickly, especially when exercising - we probably have anemia. Other symptoms are brittle nails, muscle spasms, feeling very cold and insomnia. People who suffer from anemia are also usually very pale.

Anemia - spinach a cure for all evil?

There is a belief that the diet during anemia should be rich mainly in liver, beetroot and spinach. The last of these ingredients was supposed to help especially those who do not eat meat. It is worth knowing, however, that it is not as rich in iron as it was until recently believed, and we only absorb 1% of the entire content of this element. However, this does not mean that raw spinach is not important in such a diet. On the contrary, it also has a lot of folic acid, which increases the production of red blood cells.

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Anemia - or maybe nettle?

Another ingredient that helps treat anemia is nettle, which is rich in vitamin C and iron. The mentioned vitamin helps the body to absorb iron well, which is of course very important in the treatment of this type of disease. If possible, try picking fresh nettle and making juice from it. We will then be sure that it is not even processed in the slightest. Just 2 tablespoons a day will make us feel better and the results will improve.

Anemia - Meat that gives you chills

Usually, liver, black brawn or beef hearts and kidneys are recommended for anemia. It sounds unappetizing and many people, after hearing the name, lose their desire to eat. However, don't be discouraged and try the dishes anyway. Properly prepared, they can be really tasty. Let's try not to think about what exactly is on the plate.

Anemia - other ingredients

Beet juice is also helpful in treating anemia. You can also try making syrup from this vegetable and drink 1-2 tablespoons a day. Just cut a large beetroot and sprinkle with sugar, and if you don't like its sweet taste, add a little lemon juice. It is also worth drinking fresh carrot juice. Legumes, potatoes and chives will be rich in iron. Let's also enrich the diet with lettuce, zucchini, parsley, broccoli and dried fruit. Avoid, however, coffee and tea, which prevent iron from being absorbed, and sweets, because they only contain empty calories and no nutritional value.

Anemia can be easily treated, but a proper diet is essential. Sure, we can ingest vitamins, but poor nutrition will always have an impact on our health. Healthy, wholesome products will make the results return to normal, and we will start to feel really good.