Ad advertising - what is it and how does it work?

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Personalized advertising, tailored to the needs of the company and its customers, is now the basis of a successful business. They are one of the best forms of enterprise development and more. A perfect example of this is Ad advertising.

How does Ad advertising work?

Ad advertising works best on social profiles - e.g. on Facebook.
It is an example of an ad that works, but is not intrusive, and targets a specific group of users. The advertisement goes to people we have identified ourselves, and the social networking site selects the next users to whom it will be displayed on this basis.

Ad advertising on Facebook also helps in determining the target group and selecting people who potentially become interested in our company or services. The ability to define many variables, such as: location, demographic data, users' interests, their education, and work, is helpful when choosing the target group for Facebook Ad. The fact that the application is intelligent is a great help - it determines the reach of the advertisement itself, i.e. how many potential recipients meet our expectations.

Ad advertising and Facebook services

Creating an advertisement on Facebook is very simple and does not require complicated actions. The short guide can be found on the website itself, in the advertising tab. With its help, we are able to create our first advertisement on a social network. According to the information contained in the guide, when creating an Ad, we should define our goals and recipients.
The next step is to create the ad and define its budget in detail, and the last step is to read the website's rules for publishing. Additionally, the website meets its users' expectations and has prepared two paths thanks to which it is possible to create a message of interest to us.

They are Facebook Ads Premium and Facebook Ads Marketplace. The first type allows salespeople to deal with our advertising, the second is intended for ourselves - we define advertising from the very beginning to its end.

An ad advertising created on Facebook has one very important aspect that you need to pay attention to. The social profile is based on buttons such as I'll take part and I like it. An example is an advertisement for a trip to Masuria for tents.
If one of our friends signs up for a trip using Facebook Ads for this purpose, then the event will appear on his board with the information that he or she wants to take part in it. The same is true of the Like function. Thanks to this, advertising begins to propel itself and reaches more and more people.

Ad advertising and the stages of its creation

The first step in creating an ad is the aforementioned definition of our goals. We need to plan what exactly we want to achieve when creating an ad. The purpose may be, for example, informing the Facebook community about our company or increasing the number of profile likes, as well as changing the company's image or changing potential recipients. Before creating an ad, it is worth considering exactly what your target should be. It is best to avoid one that will be universal - the one that meets one selected goal is effective.

The ad should reach a specific audience. The second step in creating it is therefore to define exactly who it should reach. The first choice is gender. We can also mark whether we target the ad to working or learning people. We can indicate a specific area, select recipients with specific political views, spending time in a specific way. All the elements that Facebook Ads allows us to define narrow down our target audience.

An additional convenience of advertising posted on Facebook is the feedback from the website, indicating to which groups of recipients we have reached. It is also possible to change the preferences of the advertisement during its duration, thanks to which we can increase or narrow its target group.

The next step in creating an ad on Facebook is choosing an appropriate title, short information and an eye-catching image. Thanks to the appropriate use of these elements, it is possible to create a very good advertisement.
Its title should be catchy enough that after reading it, the recipient will want to click on it and read the entire content. If the recipient enters the message, it is important that its content is not too long - the text must be short, concise and drawing attention to the advertised product or service. The picture included in the ad cannot be accidental - it should be related to the subject of the company or product.

It is important that subsequent advertising messages of a given company differ not only in the content of the text - they should also be distinguished by the image and title.

Payment method and Ad advertising

On the example of Facebook Ads, budgeting is distinguished by the so-called CPC (cost per click), i.e. per click. The second distinguishing feature of earnings is CPM (cost per mille), i.e. by the number of views for a given number of people. We can determine the budget of the advertisement we create in at least four ways. The first is the daily budget, i.e. the cost that we are able to spend on advertising in one day. The second way is the so-called total budget - the amount of money that we are able to spend during the entire period of displaying our ad. The third way is the so-called maximum amount - the amount we are able to pay for a single click or for a thousand impressions. The fourth element is the share system - from among the many available offers, we choose the one that interests us the most. As in the case of selecting the scope of our advertisement, we also have the possibility of changes here during the advertising campaign on the portal.

It should be noted that a properly configured Facebook Ads is an extremely effective tool. Its only limitation is the fact that not all users of the social networking site complete their personal data.