5 disadvantages of running your own apartment


A significant proportion of people setting up a business decide on a solution that - at first glance - seems convenient and economical. I am talking about running a business in your own apartment. We often hear about the advantages of such a solution, which undoubtedly turns out to be a bull's eye in many cases. However, as in the case of other decisions, the disadvantages of such a solution should also be analyzed here. Find out about 5 disadvantages of doing business in your own apartment!

1. Business in an apartment is often associated with a higher property tax!

It may happen that the commune determines that, in connection with the conducted activity, part of the apartment is intended solely for the purposes related to the company. Then the so-called change in the use of the premises and it may be necessary to pay a higher property tax. Then the entrepreneur can pay a maximum of PLN 0.73 per m2 - as much as PLN 22.82 instead of a maximum of PLN 0.73! As you can see, the difference is huge!

2. Confusion about costs ...

The advantage of such a solution is the possibility of inclusion in the costs of a part of the rent, energy bills, etc. Contrary to appearances, it may turn out that it is more difficult than we thought. The seat of the company in a separate premises allows you to easily determine the costs associated with it, without the risk of being carried away by fantasy.

3. Lack of space for business meetings

Over time, it may turn out that the profile of our business requires meetings with clients. If the apartment is large enough - no problem, just organize the place properly. Worse, if we are to fit in a few square meters. In such a situation, the question arises - how to successfully conduct an important business conversation in such conditions?

4. Difficulties in separating private and professional life

A company seat in an apartment requires a lot of discipline and good time management. Often, household chores can distract us from our business tasks. And vice versa. A home business may also result in a lack of hygiene - a place where we work, which causes various types of stress, is also supposed to be a place to rest.

5. Lack of contacts

Working from home, we do not have the company of colleagues, for example. It is also more difficult to hire someone, if only because of the aforementioned lack of space. This solution also makes it impossible to establish business contacts, exchange experiences and exercise interpersonal skills necessary in running your own business.