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Author: Małgorzata Majewska, expert at monsterpolska.pl

Most of us in our careers have experienced at least once a situation where the words spoken by a colleague from the office were unprofessional. Take care of your image in the company and avoid such situations. Here is a list of the most common phrases that you should not tell your coworkers.

"No and that's it!"

A definite refusal to ask a colleague or request is the fastest way to discourage him from further efforts. Instead, it's worth giving him a chance to explain his arguments and his own point of view. Finding a compromise shows flexibility and the ability to engage in dialogue - these features will be useful in the long run in maintaining proper interpersonal relations - notes Małgorzata Majewska, an expert at monsterpolska.pl.

"Calm down"

Tight project deadlines or employee conflicts can frustrate anyone. If your colleague comes to ask for help, the worst thing you can do is tell him to just calm down.

This statement gives the impression of parental attention and will not help to solve the problem. Ask carefully what exactly happened. Also, make sure you have a more private space for such a conversation - you can even take your friend to lunch so that his dilemmas will not become a reason for office gossip - suggests Małgorzata Majewska. Your coworker will appreciate your listening and support in difficult moments.


Strongly emotional expressions in our office conversations do not always bring the expected results. So avoid using the words "never", "always" or "definitely not." On the one hand, these are simple and clear messages, and yet they can introduce some ambiguities. Sometimes it is a tempting prospect to use a firm and decisive expression to show, for example, your position in the company or consistency in holding certain views. Before that, think about using a milder counterpart that gives you room for discussion.

"So what are you going to do about it?"

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Each of us knows the problem of overwork and chasing deadlines. If it also happens to your colleague, do not make him find a solution on his own and do not leave him in need. The problem area should be defined and a common solution should be sought. Ask if it is a temporary situation or if it occurs systematically. It may turn out that it is common throughout the company - then it is worth taking an appropriate conversation with the boss and presenting the problem to him - emphasizes Małgorzata Majewska.

"I want to know more about you"

Always be gentle with the private affairs of your colleagues in the office. Avoid personal questions, especially related to earnings and material status. Do not comment on relationships or children. As long as your coworker doesn't bring up such topics himself, you shouldn't be too interested. Don't try to find out more. Also, don't be nosy or gossiping as it will only worsen your relationship.