4 phrases that will make your boss love you

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Author: Małgorzata Majewska, expert of monsterpolska.pl

Probably someone once told you that the right words are the key to winning people over. It turns out that not only the phrases "please" or "thank you" can effectively help in career development. Here are four examples of statements that every boss appreciates and wants to hear from an employee.

"How can I help the company achieve certain goals?"

As business coaches claim - such a phrase is music to the boss's ears. By asking our supervisor about the company's mission and plans and offering our active help in achieving them, we show that we are focused not only on ourselves. We communicate that we want to take actions that go beyond our duties and build the best possible image of the brand - believes Małgorzata Majewska, expert of monsterpolska.pl.

"I saw that he was not coping, so I helped him"

The ability to take the initiative is one of the most valuable assets in business. Bosses are impressed by employees who are able to control their duties and at the same time help others in their daily work. The biggest problem for the organization are people who need support and control at every stage of the project. If you fulfill your tasks and at the same time efficiently solve other people's problems - you will surely give a score to your boss.

"I agree, but ..."

If your boss has many ideas for new actions and not all of them are accurate, don't be afraid to express your opinion. However, your tone of voice must be positive and your comments must be expressed in a friendly form. Even if you think your supervisor's ideas won't work, your opinion should be enthusiastic and optimistic. Use phrases incl. "This is a great start to the process, but it is worth developing towards ..." or "We should use this project, but I think it can be enriched ...". This will show that you can think creatively and on many levels - notes Małgorzata Majewska.

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"I'd be glad if I could do it"

An energetic and willing to work team member is the treasure and support of the organization. By expressing our readiness to undertake new projects, we show the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity. The boss will want to cooperate more willingly with an employee who voluntarily looks for new forms of professional activity. Such a person will contribute to the company's success faster and his commitment will be noticed.

If you try to include the phrases in your dictionary, including phrases such as "please" and "thank you" - your boss will not know how to do without you.