13 horror movies to watch

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On a Halloween night, some people like to dress up and play with friends, others prefer to bury themselves under a blanket and enjoy their own fear while watching a good horror movie. If you are a fan of strong cinematic experiences, read our list of the 13 best thrillers that everyone must see at least once in a lifetime. And survive.

Sixth Sense

An amazing story about a boy who can communicate with the dead. This supernatural gift turns his life into a nightmare from which a gifted child psychologist (Bruce Willis) tries to pull him out. I can't write more, so as not to spoil the impressions of anyone. This is surely the movie that is most exciting the first time around. Later, knowing its secret, you no longer have such a pleasure to watch. So if you've never seen Sixth sense, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for great excitement.

American Horror Story

This is not a single movie, but a series - in addition, it is built in such a way that each season is a separate story. The first is the story of a haunted house, famous for the short life expectancy of its tenants. The action of the second season takes place in a psychiatric hospital, while the third one is about a coven of witches from the American South. Why is it worth devoting several hours of your life to American Horror Story? Because it's just a good thriller with a lot of blood, twists and supernatural phenomena. The icing on the cake is the amazing cast, with the phenomenal Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy at the fore in all seasons.

Ghost Adventures

The only documentary series in the list. Ghost Adventures is a team of American ghost hunters founded by Las Vegas-based Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff, later joined by audio-video technicians Jay Wasley and Billy Toley. The team visits the most haunted buildings in the US and Europe and spends the entire night locked up in them to gather credible evidence of an afterlife.What distinguishes Ghost Adventures from other groups of enthusiasts is the use of a whole range of sophisticated devices, thanks to which even the greatest skeptics lose their heart. Ghostly voices, shadows or even whole ghostly silhouettes are recorded, among others with the help of thermal imaging cameras, motion detectors and special sound scanners. Are you not afraid of horror movies? You don't believe in ghosts? Watch a few episodes of Ghost Adventures and your life will change forever.


This atmospheric horror movie, like The Sixth Sense, is best viewed the first time. It tells the story of a single mother who lives in a huge mansion somewhere in the south of England. Her children suffer from a terrible ailment - they are allergic to sunlight. So the family lives a sad life amid the eternal darkness of empty rooms. Until three peculiar servants appear on the doorstep, and mysterious things begin to happen in the house ... The end of the Others will surprise everyone!

The shining

An absolute classic of horror directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the book by Steven King. An excellent study of the insanity into which the main character - the writer (Jack Nicholson) - who lives with his family in the Overlook mountain hotel, abandoned in winter. It is worth seeing for its intriguing plot, excellent acting and Kubrick's directorial artistry, who was able to get the best out of an average King's work.

Pet Smasher

The second adaptation of Steven King's prose on the list. The film is based on the fear of Indian curses common in American pop culture. The title animal cemetery is located near the house where the new family has just moved in. When soon after a beloved kitten dies under the wheels of a car, the heroes of the film decide to bury it in a mysterious necropolis, despite the rumors that it is a land cursed by the indigenous people of America. What's next? See for yourself.

Headless Horseman

The list includes Tim Burton, a director who simply loves black humor, macabre and horror. The Headless Horseman is by far the darkest work of Burton, who previously softened his films with a bit of grotesque - as in Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands. Here he tells the story of the American village of Sleepy Hollow, where the New York policeman Ichabod Crane, a rationalist, skeptic and enthusiast of scientific progress (19th century), goes. The eponymous rider who haunts the village quickly breaks his mind from his previous beliefs. The film must be watched primarily because of the dense atmosphere that will make any viewer, even the toughest one, feel creeps.

The Ring: The Circle

A Japanese horror movie that made millions of people around the world feel uncomfortable falling asleep in a room with the TV turned off. The plot tells about a mysterious videotape, after watching which each viewer rings a phone announcing his imminent death. The curse takes more victims, and the journalist investigating the case of the cassette has less and less time to unravel the mystery ...


Laura, its former tenant, moves into a former orphanage somewhere in Spain, wanting to run a center for disabled children there. Things get complicated when her adopted son, Simon, begins to act peculiarly, finding himself invisible friends. After a thread to a ball, the heroine discovers a shocking truth from her past, strongly associated with the dark building of the orphanage ...

Blair Witch Project

A film that gained fame thanks to its unusual form of production. It is a para-document, i.e. a fictional picture pretending to record real events. Three young people decide to go to the forests near Burkittsville to find out if the stories about a terrible witch haunting the area are true. The Blair Witch Project is worth watching primarily for its powerful illusion of realism, preserved until its shocking ending.

Rosemary's baby

One of Roman Polański's best films, a dark and hypnotic story about a married couple whose neighbors turn out to be influential members of the Satanist sect. The woman - Rosemary in the title - is notoriously haunted by terrifying nightmares, and strange things are happening around her. When she becomes pregnant unexpectedly, she begins to understand who the father of her unborn child really is ... Despite her age, Rosemary's Baby can scare anyone.


From the full worship of Satan Earth, we move into outer space, to the claustrophobic interior of the Elysium ship. It is a veritable Noah's Ark, sent to a distant planet by mankind, which foresees the approaching global catastrophe. During the flight, several crew members awake from hibernation to discover that the power supply of the interstellar vehicle has stopped working, and aggressive creatures straight from horror movies have appeared on board. What really happened on Elysium? Will the remnants of humanity survive the fight against the unknown and establish a new civilization? Watch Pandorum for all the answers.

Hidden Dimension (Event Horizon)

The second "space horror" in the ranking. It tells the story of a rescue mission team sent to the vicinity of Neptune, from where the signal from the ship Event Horizon, lost years ago, was sent to Earth. The aforementioned ship was mankind's great hope for the exploration of unknown regions of the cosmos, as it was equipped with an innovative space-time warping drive. Unfortunately, it turned out that - for unknown reasons - the entire crew died in a horrible way. What happened on board the Event Horizon? The answer may surprise you, dear reader ...