100 CEO's Conference - an event for the TSL industry


On behalf of the organizer, we are pleased to invite you to the event for the transport, forwarding and logistics industry - "100 CEO's Conference", which will be held on September 7, 2021 in Poznań.

Who is the conference for?

The conference is aimed at business owners and top-level managers from the TSL sector. We will talk about the business environment of supply chain management, about modern methods of running an organization in post-pandemic reality, about the directions of development of companies that are worth considering and about the next challenges that await TSL sector managers in the near future.

Program and speakers

Among the special guests: Dr. Jacek Bartosiak, founder of the "Strategy & Futures" tink-tank, which will bring closer the subject of global strategic flows, i.e. the movement of: goods and other goods, people, knowledge, data, raw materials, capital and ideas around the world. He will tell you why the one who controls these flows, lays down their rules and secures them - rules the world. We will find out what it means for supply chain engineering.

To some extent, a continuation of this thread will be the speech of Janusz Piechociński, the president of the Poland-Asia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who will discover new eastern lands of transport and logistics activities for managers of the TFL sector, not only in the context of the New Silk Road.

One of the most interesting lectures will be given by Iwona Blecharczyk, Polish "Trucking Girl". Her speech will be preceded by statistical surveys among her huge community of YouTube observers. Truckers will be asked questions about their expectations of their bosses, and the conclusions will be drawn by themselves. They will answer the question: what to do to keep drivers in the transport company.

On the basis of his research, Prof. Jan Fazlagić from the University of Economics in Poznań.

The only lecture delivered in English by John Fillingham, Director of Leadership and Management Institute in London, looks very interesting. He will talk about the importance of the ISO 30414 Certificate, which is still little known in Poland and is obligatory in Anglo-Saxon countries, for increasing the productivity and innovation of employee teams. Soon these certificates will be available in Poland.

As a continuation of his speech, there will be a lecture by Professor Andrew Blatiak, representative of the Society for Human Resurces Management in Poland: "Break down and be a servant of your employees, or Servant Leadership". He will tell you why a contemporary leader should be a foundation that cannot be seen in the organization outside, and the people (especially young) who he supports and helps should be frontmen?

A huge overflow of information, an extraordinary pace of sometimes even drastic generational changes, the Chaos Economy, which for most industries has eliminated the sense of strategic planning for more than 3 years - changes, changes, changes. How to cope in such a labile business reality full of "Black Swans". This is the message of the lecture by Krzysztof Sarnecki from Quest Change Managers, who will talk about the new dimension of leadership in the world of New Real - in the age of chaos.

Talks about the Mobility Package and its effects

In two lectures and a discussion panel, we will talk about the fact that we are on the eve of the entry into force of the most severe provisions of the Mobility Package, imposing on the owners of transport companies the obligation to pay drivers who perform cabotage and cross-trade transport in the European Union, the obligation to pay not only the minimum wage , but valid in the country where the transport takes place. To some extent, changes to the Polish Road Transport Act may be a remedy for this fatal prospect. Unfortunately, the amendments proposed by the Polish government are unacceptable to the transport industry. Why? This is what Maciej Wroński, president of the Transport and Logistics Poland Employers' Union, will talk about in his lecture, and will be discussed in the discussion panel: Maciej Wroński, Piotr Mikiel, director of the Transport Department of the Association of International Road Carriers in Poland, an expert from the Inelo Group and Piotr Rutkowski, president of the transport and logistics company Targor-Truck. The panel will be led by Dr. Marek Benio from the Labor Mobility Initiative.

The joint initiative of the editors of Transport Manager and PolChambers, an organization associating Polish chambers of commerce in 24 countries of the world, will complement the entire theme of the Mobility Package, its effects and help international carriers cope with the upcoming difficult times: "Go Europe". Together, we will encourage you to enter the battlefield against the Mobility Package by opening a business in Western Europe, and "we will show you how to do it and guide you".


"Time for systemic support of Polish transport companies in their business expansion into Western markets. The title battlefield is Western Europe, where European production is concentrated, so the greatest demand for transport is." Go Europe! " is a joint initiative of Transport Manager and PolChambers - an independent association coordinating the global network of Polish chambers of commerce and business organizations. Western freight rates. We will provide advice and guide you through the bureaucratic, administrative, legislative and tax path "

explains Andrzej Wójcik, president of PolChamber.


"Professional monogamy is not sexy - get ready for the open labor market" - this is the title of the lecture by Mariusz Gerałtowski, president of the board of the Polish Association of Logistics Managers and Donata Hermann-Marciniak, Leader of the Niezwalniam.pl Campaign. A labor law expert who will tell you about the association's campaign.

Piotr Czajka, Direct Sales Manager, Poland & CEE at Webfleet Solutions, which is the main partner of the conference, will present the results of this company's research on the European fleet market. Over 25 percent international road hauliers expect revenues to decline in the coming quarters of 2021, and one in two focuses on reducing operating costs. Have Polish carriers drawn conclusions and prepared for new challenges? What are the key areas influencing their competitiveness and how can telematics support carriers in their implementation? The lecture will contain the latest data, practical applications and tips on how to effectively operate in the competitive TSL industry.

The digital transformation of the transport industry will be the subject of the discussion panel concluding the "100 CEO's Conference". The editor-in-chief of Transport Manager - Marek Loos - together with representatives of companies providing the transport industry with IT tools will consider the challenges that revolution 4.0 poses to companies in this sector. The panelists will be: Piotr Czajka, Direct Sales Manager, Poland & CEE, Webfleet Solutions, Mariusz Derdziak, sales manager of DKV Euro Service Polska, Patryk Grzelak, managing director of interLAN and Krzysztof Głogowski, FMS Sales Team Leader Poland, Transics International BV, ZF Group.

The owners of the largest transport and logistics companies operating on the Polish market have announced their participation in the conference. At the closing banquet of this unique event, there will be an opportunity to integrate the environment and exchange experiences and invaluable information.

Date and place: September 7, 2021 in Poznań at the Novotel Poznań hotel.

Details and registration: https://land.transport-manager.pl/100ceosconference

Marek Loos, editor-in-chief of Transport Manager magazine, cordially invites you to the event.