10 ways to increase your e-shop revenues

Service Business

It is well known that the Internet is an increasingly used tool when selecting products and services. Before making a purchase, the customer compares various offers himself to choose the best one. If the offer presented is transparent, safe and meets the expectations, the customer will definitely benefit from it. That is why it is so important to properly prepare the website of the online store, which will comply with the following criteria:

1. Transparency of the e-shop website

Shopping on a well-designed website should be a pleasure for the customer. First of all, the store should be well positioned on the web, so that the customer does not spend too much time finding it. Second, the online store cannot afford to force the customer to wander around in search of the product or its description. It is similar with access to the search engine and going to the purchase options. Each button redirecting to the appropriate subpage must be visible and intuitive. Failure to comply with the above conditions reduces the usability of the website, and thus limits the possibility of increasing the company's revenues.

2. Honesty of the owner of the online store

The online store should create its image as a professional and reliable company that puts customer satisfaction first. That is why it is so important to have an honest approach, which is to inform the customer, from the very beginning, about the availability of the product. Nothing will irritate the customer more than information about the unavailability of a selected product before trying to pay for it. A similar situation applies to information on shipping costs. The sooner the customer knows their amount, the easier it will be to make a purchase decision and will not feel cheated by the final value to be paid.

3. Professionalism in e-commerce

Nobody likes disclosing information about themselves online, especially when there is no such need. Consequently, it seems safer not to require the client to spend time filling out, from his point of view, nonsensical forms. This can make him irritated and give up shopping. Therefore, if there is a need to collect additional information about a client, keep the form only with short and relevant questions.

4. Trust in the online store

Every day you hear about dishonest Internet companies that aim to take advantage of as many people as possible. Anxiety and concerns about online shopping are normal for people who are unsure whether they will receive the product they have purchased. Therefore, a professional online store should provide information about its seat, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. In order to allay their concerns, the customer must be able to contact the seller at any time and receive a factual response from him. The customer treats this as proof that the selected online store actually exists and that there are no contraindications to make purchases in it.

5. E-company policy

Contrary to traditional shopping, online sales are associated with the inability to really check whether the selected product agrees with the description and meets the customer's expectations. That is why the regulated and customer-oriented issue of returns is so important. If the error was on the seller's side, shipping should be at the seller's expense. As a rule, the customer has 10 days to return the goods ordered online, without giving any reason.

6. Transport from the e-shop

After the payment for the purchased products is settled, there is a waiting period for the shipment. It is characterized by having neither money nor purchases. Therefore, it is not surprising that the customer needs to be informed at what stage his order is at. At the very beginning, he should know what the waiting time for shopping is. It is worth sending him information via e-mail that the package has already been sent and will reach him soon.

7. Accessibility of the online store

There is no single correct payment method. Some people prefer shopping with a credit card, others will choose a bank transfer. There is still a group of people who stand in line at the post office to pay for their purchases. Therefore, each group should be allowed to choose the most convenient form of payment, so that everyone feels that the seller is meeting their needs.

8. Cunning in e-commerce

Since the customer chose a product, why not point them to a similar one, with higher parameters, which is only a bit more expensive? Or not to offer him an additional product that is related to the original one and will improve its operation? This way you can increase your sales and customer satisfaction. And if the latter is not interested in the offer presented, he will simply not use it.

9. Attachment of the e-customer

The owner of an online store should try to be not only a seller, but also a specialist, authority and source of knowledge in their field. A friendly website guarantees access to information and dispels doubts of potential customers. At this point, a bond is created between the visitor and the future seller, which may result in his decision to buy in his e-shop.

10. The uniqueness of the online store

Why should the customer make a purchase in this and not another online store? Because this one stands out from the rest. It can be a rich offer, low shipping costs or the highest quality products. Each company is unique in its own way. The most important thing is to realize it and take advantage of it.

Improving an existing website is not very troublesome, and it can bring many benefits. The most important of them is to increase sales, so it is worth spending some time analyzing the company's online business card in terms of the previously mentioned criteria.